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Translating Feelings Into Reality

Whether looking to prepare a house for selling when moving, a new build property, conversion or refurbishment to sell or a holiday let for rent, my professional Home Staging service will be right for you. If you wish to refresh or repurpose a room in your property or turn a property you’ve just bought into a home I offer an Interior Design service.

I work with you to achieve a result that is tailored to your particular requirements and budget. I translate feelings into reality.

I like to work with clients in person but also offer online consultations so that you can have that initial chat from the comfort of your own home.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Home Staging and Interior Design?

Interior design is all about personalising a property to suit the needs and wishes of the owner. It’s personal to them so it often involves a complete redecoration and refurnishing of a space. Home staging on the other hand is all about depersonalising the space so that it will appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers. It starts with what is already there.

Isn’t It A Waste of Money to Do Work to A Property that I am Selling?

It’s easy to assume that there is no point doing work to a property if you are selling because the buyer will want to put their own stamp on it. However, even if buyers are looking to make changes they might not want to do so immediately and they want a property that, whilst it might not be exactly to their taste, they can move into and live in immediately.

Viewers Will See Past What’s Here Won’t They?

Not necessarily. Some potential buyers are very good at visualising but others aren’t. Some viewers won’t be able to see past what’s there, whether it’s furniture or decor etc. Think also about the marketing images. If buyers are scrolling through their feed on Rightmove they might scroll past your property if they don’t find the images appealing.

As A Builder/ Developer/ Investor How Does Staging A Property Help Me Sell?

Staging a property rather than selling it in an empty condition helps buyers visualise themselves living in the property. When viewing an empty property online or in person, prospective buyers can struggle to picture themselves living in the property. It can also be more difficult to understand what a room or space can be used for, the layout of furniture or whether furniture will fit. Staging the property has both practical benefits such as those referred to and also helps establish that connection so that buyers can imagine it as their home.

Is It Worth Paying For Professional Photography When Selling?

Some estate agents include professional photography in their fees, others offer it as an additional service. In my view it’s definitely worth paying for. So much of the property searching process is carried out online these days that your property has to stand out when buyers are scrolling through Rightmove or Zoopla. Buyers enter their search criteria and the portal will come up with a list of properties. Unless the property has a Premium listing you only have one initial image to encourage buyers to click through to see more images. These have to showcase your property to encourage buyers to book a viewing.

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Isn’t Employing An Interior Designer Expensive?

It is a common perception that employing an interior designer is expensive. One of the most important benefits of working with a designer is that they can avoid expensive mistakes. We’ve all made those interiors mistakes such as finding that we hate the paint we’ve chosen or perhaps a piece of furniture doesn’t fit. An interior designer works with you to ensure that the end result is what you wanted. I offer simple mood board service from £250.

Why Should I Employ An Interior Designer When I Can Use Pinterest To Create Mood Boards?

That’s a good question. Pinterest and social media platforms like Instagram are full of interiors inspiration so it’s easy to think that utilising the services of an Interior Designer is superfluous. However, one way in which a designer adds value is that they will help you understand what it is you are looking for. Yes you can use one or a combination of these tools to create mood boards but what if what you thought you were looking for isn’t what you actually want? I will listen to you, ask questions and explore options with the aim of understanding what it is you need and want. This process may reveal that what you are looking for is something different.

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Our Services include:

  • Home Staging
  • Interior Design
  • Decluttering

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Judith Todd, Home stager and Interior Designer working at her desk

Judith has a relaxed, friendly manner and she expressed her views in a quiet but confident way. We would have no hesitation in using her again if the need arose and would certainly recommend her to anyone needing the services of a design consultantMr and Mrs Martin – Caldy

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