“All the world’s a stage….” – William Shakespeare.

This is a great quote when you are selling your house – why? Well, when you are selling you have a series of viewings and your house is the stage on which the viewing takes place. Each viewing is a performance to which you invite potential buyers and you want them to have the best possible experience. I think there are three stages.
1. Preparation – A theatre production doesn’t just happen, a lot of preparation takes place beforehand. The actors rehearse, the wardrobe department makes the costumes, the set designers create the sets etc. When selling you need to prepare. This includes tasks such as effecting any necessary repairs, decorating, de-cluttering, cleaning and generally ensuring that your property is looking it’s best.

2. Performance – this is the viewing where you, or your agent, show potential buyers around. You want viewers to have a positive experience right from the moment they arrive. Can they find the property easily, does the property look appealing from the outside i.e. does it have kerb appeal, is it welcoming when they enter through the front door and does that feeling continue as viewers walk round the property.

3. Review – after the performance the cast may undertake a review considering what went well and what didn’t. Similarly after each viewing you should ask your agent for feedback and undertake a review – what did the viewers like and what didn’t they like. If there was an aspect of the property they didn’t like and the comment is repeated is it something that you should consider changing?

What I do is help home owners prepare their home (stage) ready for the viewings so that potential buyers fall in love and make an offer. For more information contact us by e mail at info@homestyle4u.com call us on 07745 876182 or send an enquiry via our contact us page. Let me help you move.