(image courtesy of Jimmy Choo)

Recently I read a Tweet that referred to killer heels. You might wonder what relevance that can possibly have to selling your house. Bear with me a moment and I’ll explain why.
For me I associate killer heels with a situation when I want to look good and feel confident, it could be an important meeting or a job interview. I’ll do my hair and make – up, choose an outfit that is appropriate to the occasion and that makes me feel good, wear a pair of heels and a smart handbag. You might call it “suited and booted” but the point is that I feel ready to face the situation whatever it might be.

So how does that translate to selling your house?

Cleanliness – you wouldn’t go to a job interview without having a shower and washing your hair would you? Similarly when you sell your house you should give it a thorough clean including carpets if necessary.

De-Clutter – if you going for an interview or attending an important meeting you may be advised to remove jewellry from facial piercings and, depending on the occasion of course, it is also advisable to adopt the maxim “less is more” when it comes to jewellery generally. When selling your house you should remove excess or overly large furniture and de-clutter in order that buyers can properly see the space you have.

Preparation – if you go for an interview you will probably check the outfit you are going to wear to make sure that it doesn’t have any buttons missing, no loose hems, need dry cleaning etc. When selling you should inspect your home carefully to look for any repairs that need doing such as doors that are hanging loose, light bulbs that need replacing, paintwork that needs refreshing etc.

Accessorise – on that important occasion we choose the right jewellery, shoes and handbag for ladies, tie, cufflinks possibly and shoes for men. When selling you should accessorise with cushions, throws, artwork etc. to add interest to a neutral background and create a homely feel. The right accessories, like the right pair of heels, can create the impression that makes viewers fall in love with your home.

So, yes, I think we can definitely learn lessons from a pair of killer heels. If you would like to learn more contact us by e mail at info@homestyle4u.com call us on 07745 876182 or send an enquiry via our contact us page. We cover Cheshire and the North West.