As we enter Week 7 (or is it 8, I’ve lost track!) of lockdown, are you looking for things to do? It seems that people have been busy having a clear out and doing tasks around the home and in the garden if the reports of the queues at recycling centres are anything to go by.

If perhaps you have been busy with other things so far but are now ready to get stuck in or perhaps have decided to put your house on the market and want to get ready then I have a few suggestions.

Put Up A Shelf

Image of a wall with a floating shelf displaying pictures and ornaments

This one is fairly simple to do but very satisfying. Use a shelf in a hallway as a place to put down keys, in a kitchen as an alternative to wall cupboards to display crockery, in a lounge to hold books or display ornaments. If you are nervous then begin by adding one in an understairs cupboard where it won’t be seen. You can buy a shelf and brackets from a DIY store or make your own from an off cut of wood. Floating shelves that appear to be suspended with no visible supports are particularly neat, with the shelf fitting over the supports. The key to success is to measure, mark and double check and use a spirit level (laser measures are a great idea).

Replace A Shower Curtain

Image of a bath bathroom showing a bath with shower screen

If I’m honest I’m not a fan of shower curtains. They are difficult to keep clean and make a bath seem cluttered. I much prefer a screen which can either be just one panel or hinged. They are neater and very easy to wipe down and clean with a spray or spritz with a little white vinegar and water. If you are selling then hygiene in a bathroom is critical. So if you presently have a shower curtain then replace it with a screen and you have instantly improved the appearance of your bathroom. It’s a relatively simple job and you can find lots of “how to…” videos and instructions for how to do it online.

Utilise Under Stairs Space

Image of understairs space that has been fitted with compartments for storage

I suspect that there are few of us who wouldn’t say “yes” to some additional storage and there are various ways to achieve this, for example, building cupboards in an alcove, creating shelving round a doorway or even simply using furniture that has a storage capacity. One of the frequently under utilised spaces is under the stairs. Creating a doorway where there wasn’t one formerly thus giving access to previously unused space is one option, Dividing the space into separate compartments each with their own access avoids the problem of the space where everything just gets dumped and can’t be found. Another option is to create open compartments and use baskets to hold different categories of item or for each member of the family. Some of these suggestions can be undertaken by a competent DIYer whereas others are better left for a professional. Even something as simple as fitting shelves (see above) and adding a row of coat hooks can make an understairs cupboard more usable.

I hope that these suggestions have been useful. If you are contemplating a home makeover or one room redesign then take a look at the services I offer. An initial chat to discuss your plans is free 07745 876182