The feel of sand underfoot, the squeal as you take the first plunge into the sea, the joy of lying back on the beach towel and feeling the sun…

I love being by the coast, the sense of peace, the sound of waves lapping or crashing on the shore, the plaintive cry of seagulls, swimming in the sea.

As we enter peak holiday time many of us have plans to escape to the coast either for the day or a holiday so I thought this week I would share some tips for creating a coastal vibe once you return home. For me the secret is to avoid the overtly seaside look that doesn’t really work anywhere other than the seaside itself. The trick is to introduce elements that won’t look out of place in a more urban or purely rural setting.

1. Decor

Image of a bathroom showing paneled walls painted in a pale blue/ green and white freestanding bath

Picture yourself on the beach or a walk along the coast path and consider the colours that you see. It’s a largely neutral palette of blues and greys from the sea and sky, sand and greens from the grass of the path or dunes. Use these against a white background. These introduce a sense of calm that will transport you back to that beach or coast path.

2. Furniture and Furnishings

Armchair upholstered in navy and white striped fabric

Use tables with a rustic wooden or metal finish and comfortable relaxed sofas and/ or chairs upholstered in navy and white striped and checked fabrics mixed with plains and add faded florals. Simple window treatments such as shutters, wooden venetian blinds or roman blinds suit this look best. Add a few edgy touches with more industrial pieces such as wire shelving units.

3. Bedroom

Image of a bedroom featured a bed suspended on rope dressed with a mixture of coastal inspired fabrics

The coastal vibe comes in to its own in the bedroom where the calm and restful feel is particularly appropriate. A wooden or metal framed bed should be the starting point. Bedding in plain linen or a an abstract colourwash design can be pared with cushions and blinds in fabrics with designs featuring coastal birds, yachts or coastal villages for the finishing touches

4. Outdoor Living

Image of an outdoor seating area with two sofas arranged in an L shape and a coffee table.

If you are looking to recreate a touch of the coast then don’t neglect your outdoor space because being outdoors is what it’s all about. A decked area painted in an off white is a good starting point. If you only have a yard or courtyard then try painting the walls white and perhaps one of them in a bold blue. Garden furniture in pale wood or rattan suits the look and add a firepit and wooden or metal lanterns and lots of cushions and throws.

5. Accessories

Image of two carved sea birds on stands

I must admit that I find it very easy to be tempted by coastal themed accessories. Woven storage baskets, carved wooden ornaments such as sea birds or fish and lanterns are a good choice and of course artwork depicting a seascape. If you have a favourite photo from a coastal holiday or walk have it turned into a piece of artwork to create a personal reminder (these also make fabulous gifts). I like to collect shells and bits of driftwood on beach walks and these make a interesting collection on a side table or window ledge. Add colour accents of pink and coral to create contrast.

I know that in this blog I have stressed the subtle approach but at the end of the day it’s all about what makes you happy so if you want to go for full on seaside then go for it!

If you want to recreate that coastal feel but lack the time or confidence to do it then call me on 07745 876182 or e mail me at I’d love to help.