October is here and we have entered the final quarter of the year. With the nights drawing in and weather turning cold and wintery (sorry if I’m depressing you) it may seem an odd time of year to think about moving home, why not wait until Spring? Well here are five reasons to chose to move now – some that are relevant every year and some specific to this current year.

Stamp Duty Holiday

The stamp duty holiday that was announced by the Chancellor in July is an undoubted incentive especially for those buyers looking to move up the ladder. Whilst it may affect a relatively small section of the market, and this of course varies widely according to area, for those looking to buy at the top end of the bracket it represents a substantial saving. If you were considering moving and are looking in the top range then it certainly makes sense to take advantage.

Active Market

Image showing a street with lots of For Sale Boards

The market remains very active. This is a combination of pent up demand following the national lockdown which prevented people from moving in any event and new sellers. Lockdown led to many revaluating their circumstances and deciding to move either to a different type of property in the same area or to a new (possibly more rural) location. This means that there are a lot of buyers out there. Also, on the flip side, more properties on the market means more choice for you when looking for your next property. Back when I was looking in 2019 there was a dearth of property .

With interest rates still low it remains a good time to be getting a mortgage. A fixed rate gives you certainty and enables you to plan. That said, many lenders require a sizeable deposit and mortgages of a higher per centage loan to value are few in number. It definitely pays to use the services of a broker who can help you find the best deal for your circumstances.

Buyer Motivation

Image of hands showing one person holding a pen and the other person holding a piece of paper

Particularly among family buyers, there are certain times of year that are trigger points. Christmas is one such trigger point. With schools returning in September families are often looking to be a new property for Christmas although the prospect is not restricted to family buyers – it’s a natural focal point. Having that “moving in” date in focus means that buyers are likely to be motivated rather than just taking a look.

The Inviting Home

Image of a lounge decorating in neutral tones but with seating and curtains in jewel tomes of purple grey and mustard

Autumn is actually a nice time to be dressing your home for sale. It’s an opportunity to go for a cosier look and create an environment where buyers can picture themselves hunkering down with a good book or a movie. Create a reading corner if you can. Having a neutral backdrop for floors and walls enables you to change a colour scheme through accessories very easily. I recommend switching to heavier weight curtains that will not only keep out draughts and make rooms warmer but will make them appear warmer too. It’s the perfect excuse to introduce accessories in darker more Autumnal colours or jewel tones. Layer lots of throws and cushions in tactile fabrics such as knitted wool or velvet and add some scented candles. Don’t forget to switch artwork to the same colour palette.

Outdoor Space

Image of a cosy outdoor seating area with lanterns and candles

This time of year is another fantastic opportunity to showcase your outside space. Typically, when the days get chillier we tend to pack up the garden furniture and the barbeque and retreat indoors. However, with outdoor space having assumed greater importance, demonstrating to buyers that the outside space could be used for longer, helping them picture themselves socialising with friends or family, could be a really good selling point. So consider how you can achieve this. You will undoubtedly need some form of heat source such as a patio heater or firepit. Have a source of shelter such as a covered patio area or large parasol/s. Have outdoor lighting in the form of exterior lighting but also large lanterns or strings of lights that can add a more intimate feel. Finish by adding lots of cushions and blankets and and outdoor rug.

If you are looking to move by Christmas and don’t want to miss out, staging your home for sale will assist in achieving a quick sale. So call me now on 07745 876182 or e mail me at judith@homestyle4u.com. I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and North West