One of the questions I’m sometimes asked is “Why do I need an interior designer when I can use something like Pinterest to create my design?”

That’s actually a very good question so in this blog I’d like to share five reasons why an interior designer can add value to your interiors project. 


Image of a pile of paint charts of different paint colours fanned out

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of trying to make a decision when changing something about our home, whether it’s a paint colour or piece of furniture and felt overwhelmed. In previous times we would go to a store or perhaps two or three stores to look. This necessarily limited the choice.

However with a platform such as Pinterest or Instagram or even Google the choice is practically unlimited and this can result in paralysis, you find yourself unable to make a decision. Research has demonstrated that actually the more choice you give people the fewer people actually buy. I will do the research and I will narrow down the choices so that when I am presenting a design you might have three or four choices which makes it much easier and you can be confident that I have done the research for you. I will have taken a detailed brief from you so that I understand what it is you are aiming to achieve.


Image of a clock face

We all know that time is very precious commodity we all have busy lives and priorities it might be that we want to spend our time with the family, exercising, relaxing or we simply need to work. This means that you may have little time available to devote to the research involved in planning a scheme yourself or you rush your research and end up with something that doesn’t work. I take that task off your shoulders, I do the research for you freeing up your time to do the things you need or want to do. 


Image of a selection of bank notes

Who among us hasn’t made a choice that we have regretted when decorating or making a purchase? It may be that that decision can be rectified but even something quite simple such as returning a tin of paint is still a nuisance. Imagine having a room decorated only to find that you don’t like the colour after all and not only having to buy fresh paint but having to pay the decorator to come back and re-do it or re-do it yourself. Using the services of an interior designer like myself gives you the reassurance that the choices made will work for you and that you won’t end up having made a costly mistake. 

Something You Wouldn’t Have Thought Of

Image of an illuminated lightbulb against a dark background

If you’re planning the scheme using, for example, Pinterest then you will have thought about what it is you want, you will have defined what you are searching for in some way. The results will be based on the word or phrase you have used to search although the search tool might give you related search terms. But sometimes we don’t actually know what we want. If you watch property programs like I do, then you’ll know that very often the buyers fall for a property which is completely different to what they said they were looking for. While listening to your brief and interpreting it I will also include suggestions that I believe you will like and that will work for you, even though that item or colour wasn’t exactly what you asked for. It’s only when something is shown to you that you may then realise that actually that’s what you want. We find it hard to articulate our thoughts and emotions. And that way I can elevate a scheme from something that is acceptable to something special. 


Image of an open laptop on a desk. To the left is an anglepoise lamp and a small plant in a pot. To the right is foliage from a large pot plant

I recently worked with clients for whom an important part of working with me was the fact that I would project manage the work. I arranged for tradespeople to attend to do work, I booked deliveries, I even took stuff to the tip! An interior designer will often project manage as well as undertaking the design thus ensuring that tasks such as electrics, flooring or window treatments are undertaken at the right time.

And Finally …

Confidence. Many of us lack confidence which may be general or relate to a specific area of our lives. Imagine going to the garden centre and you pick out a selection of plants which you like – each of them is lovely but do they work as a whole. When it comes to redesigning a room you may be unsure as to whether the elements you have selected work together. I give you the confidence that the scheme will be cohesive.

So if you are contemplating an interiors project, big or small, stop and think whether using an interior designer could actually save you time and money and give you that standout result. 

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