Storage – or lack of it.

Do you find yourself struggling to find somewhere to put things away?

Does your property lack storage space? The first property I bought was a new build one bed roomed flat. It had an airing cupboard in the hall and a built in wardrobe that was about a foot wide in the bedroom. It was a nightmare.

You may be living in a similarly small space or perhaps you are contemplating downsizing and face the dilemma of finding room for your belongings in a smaller property.

At the risk of repeating myself, start by decluttering. Assess what you have and see if you can get rid of it. I have five storage solutions for small spaces.

1. Hidden Storage

An ottoman style footstool or coffee table is a very simple but practical idea. Useful for storing magazines, DVD’s, the tv remote, paperwork, you can very easily tidy things away at the end of the day. They also function as a place to rest a tray, put your feet up or extra seating when required.

2. Unused Space

Image of an internal doorway with shelves built round the doorway and filled with books.

Look around and see whether there are any areas that aren’t being fully utilised. A good carpenter should be able to build cupboards or other storage in awkward spaces. One obvious option is cupboards or shelving in an alcove or under the stairs but if you have a lot of books you could consider shelving built round a doorway. You could use some of the shelves to display ornaments.

3. Extra Bathroom Storage

Image of two wooden shelves displaying towels and candle diffuser with towel rail suspended from the bottom shelf mounted on a wall.

Bathrooms can be notoriously small and lacking in storage space. Often there will be space at the end of a bath which might be boxed in or hidden behind the bath panel. Instead of simply boxing in the space create a means of access either a door or panel that slots in. This creates somewhere to store cleaning products or toilet rolls that you don’t want on display. A shelving unit and towel rail can be used to store extra towels, products and a plant.

4. Under Cabinet Drawers in the Kitchen

Image of kitchen base units where drawers have been fitted underneath.

I think this is a brilliant idea. In a typical kitchen, the base units stand on feet so there is a gap underneath, this tends to be hidden by a plinth. This space can be utilised by fitting drawers. These may be shallow but use them for items such as instruction manuals, those infrequently used bits of kitchen equipment etc. Or if your kitchen is a little chilly, fit a plinth heater.

5. Pull Down Bed

Image of a fold down bed. The bed has been pulled down from a built in unit with shelves and cupboards on either side.

If we have a need for extra sleeping for the occasional guest then our first thought can be a sofa bed and I have one myself. An alternative could be a pull down bed. These are very neat and take up very little space. Often they incorporate other elements such as cupboards and or shelving.

I hope you have found at least some these ideas useful. Some can be achieved by a competent handyman whereas others require a professional. If I can help with any interior dilemma give me a call on 07745 876182. or e mail me at