Do you love gadgets?

Are you someone you can’t resist the latest tech whether it’s a phone, laptop or something for the home?

I’m all for anything that makes life easier. After all, which of us these days doesn’t have a washing machine, vacuum cleaner or dishwasher. Yet previous generations didn’t enjoy these labour saving devices. The first dish washing device dates back to 1850, the first vacuum to 1899 and the washing machine in 1901.

These days we can activate all sorts of things from our phones and simply by voice command. Here are a few ideas you want to try.

TV As Art

Image of a living room wall with sideboard and various artwork. The main piece of artwork is a smart TV that changes to an artwork

We are probably all familiar with the concept of the focal point – the item in the room that the eye is drawn to, such as a fireplace, piece of furniture or piece of artwork. Today the television has become a common focal point becoming ever larger with the improved quality of picture, surround sound and the availability of on demand TV. However, you might not want to feature the television all the time. Samsung’s The Frame has an Art mode which enables it to be transformed into an art work. Have it as a single piece or disguise it further by surrounding it with other artworks as illustrated in the image.

Aromatherapy Alarm Clock

Image of a cube shaped digital clock with light box

The old fashioned alarm clock was a rather abrupt wake up call. Nowadays we have clock radios that wake you up to your favourite radio station or we use our phone. You may have come across alarms that wake you through light. Now there is one that combines sound, light and aroma. The Sound Oasis Natural Wake-Up and Sleep System BLS-100SO works like this – the light starts to brighten 30 minutes before your alarm time. -If you have aroma in the container, the aroma is diffused as the light brightens -15 minutes prior to alarm time, nature sounds can play. At your alarm time, a gentle chime alarm sounds.

Voice Activated Lightbulbs

Image an a light bulb adapter that connects the socket with a light bulb

We are now used to voice activated controls such as Alexa or Siri but have you come across voice activated light bulbs? Vocca (shown here) is an adaptor that you connect between the bulb and the socket then flip the light switch to connect. Once connected, all you need to do is say “Go Vocca Light” to turn the light on or off. Alternatively, if you have Alexa then try compatible smart bulbs.

The Smart Fridge/ Freezer

Image of an American style fridge freezer

Ever been in the super market and forgotten your shopping list. It’s frustrating and you are stood there desperately trying to remember what was on the list. You risk either forgotten a product or you buy something you’ve already got. Smart fridge freezers contain technology like built-in cameras that mean you can check what you’ve got in stock. Some are able to detect the type of items stored in it and keep track of important details such as expiry and usage. These refrigerators work on a barcode or RFID system whereby they collect the batch and manufacture detail directly from the Internet.

The Smart Doorbell

Image of a door bell combined with video camera

The Ring Door View Cam operates not just as a doorbell but as added security. Used in conjunction with a free App, it enables you to see who is at the door via phone, tablet or laptop to see who’s knocking, so you won’t even have to leave the sofa to see who’s knocking. It includes night vision to give you a clear view even after dark. Another benefit is that you are out when a delivery arrives you can still answer the door remotely and let the courier know where to leave your parcel.

So do any of these pieces of tech appeal or perhaps you already have one or more of them. Looking for interior design advice ? Call me on 07745 876182 or e mail me at