Cost v. Investment

“Why would I spend money on styling my home when I am selling, I won’t see any benefit?” It’s a very good question and one that is frequently asked by clients so I thought it was worth a short introduction. I always use the word investment because that is what it is. It is the same as paying for new equipment or training if you are in business. It’s fair to say that not every type of expenditure will be reflected in an increased asking price e.g undertaking repairs, or, as I once did, extending my driveway. However, it may make your property more saleable.

In this blog I want to focus on things you can do that won’t involve a lot of expenditure but they may involve some effort and time.


This isn’t the first time I have mentioned this topic but it is worth repeating because it is so worth it. There is no doubt that a property that is clean and sparkling is going to be much more appealing than one that is perhaps, frankly, a bit grubby. Whilst there may be more use of video tours when properties are marketed and these may serve a weeding out function, my view is that people aren’t likely to buy without a physical viewing so cleanliness is still relevant. Make it a proper spring clean. In addition to the usual cleaning activities you would do, go the extra mile and do things such as cleaning grout, wiping down woodwork and cleaning door handles and light switches. Don’t forget to clean your windows inside and out, you will be amazed how much extra light they will let in.


Image of a cluttered lounge. There are things all over the floor in front of the sofa and on the side tables and sofa. The room looks very messy

After cleaning, this is my next top tip and it doesn’t cost a thing. In fact it can even make you money. Why is decluttering important? 

  • Clutter prevents buyers from seeing the true amount of space on offer and space is always something that buyers want.
  • Clutter is a distraction.Buyers’ attention should be focused on the room. Clutter draws their attention away and they will think about the clutter instead
  • Clutter prevents buyers visualising their own furniture and belongings in the room 

Just because you decide to get rid of an item it doesn’t mean that it isn’t wanted. There are a wide variety on online platforms where you can sell items. Or alternatively donate them. If you need help with the decluttering visit my decluttering service page here


A well maintained property gives buyers confidence that they aren’t likely to be faced with a load of possibly expensive repairs. While some like a renovation project, not everyone does and a lot of buyers will be looking for a property they can walk straight into. So before you put your property on the market, walk round and give it a thorough inspection, make a list of the things that need attention, no matter how small, and fix them. Many tasks only require basic diy skills, You Tube is a great source of “how to …” advice or, if in doubt, get someone in to do it for you.


Image of a selection of pots of paint.

It is amazing the difference a simple coat of paint can make. It makes a property feel clean and fresh. A neutral colour such as white or off white isn’t going to put anyone off and buyers can move in and put their own stamp on the property at their own pace. One word of additional advice. Before decorating it is worth doing your preparation, rubbing down and washing walls and woodwork and filling any holes or other blemishes.

So there we are, a few very cost effective steps to help present your home for sale. It’s worth the investment. Stay tuned for a few more tips coming shortly. Why not sign up for my Hints and Tips and receive my free e book Top 10 Tips. Simply fill in the form on my Property Styling For Sale page here. Need help? Contact me now on 07745 876182