Image of canal with trees in beautiful Autumnal colours reflected in the water

You might think that Autumn is not a good time to sell, after all the days are short, the weather can be dismal and buyers are more preoccupied with Christmas! Well I actually think that Autumn is a great opportunity to sell your home. There will always be buyers who need to move and if they have already sold they will be highly motivated, stock at this time of year tends to be lower so the competition is less and, as the last few weeks have shown, the weather can be beautiful.

So here are my top tips for selling at Autumn.

Make the Most of Your Garden

Kerb appeal is always important as it is what gives potential buyers their first impression of your property. At this time of year gardens can look untidy and dreary. So make sure that leaves are swept up, plants trimmed back and keep pathways and driveways clear. It is a good idea to add colour. Apart from shrubs that are particularly colourful such as cornus there are winter pansies and cyclamen which can easily be planted in hanging baskets and tubs. Image of leaves swept in to piles


The days are short and it can be gloomy in the winter months so make sure that lamps are switched on. Depending on just how dark it is, lamps and wall lights are more subtle than ceiling lights and create the right cosy feel. Even if it is completely dark it’s a good idea to use a mixture of lighting.


Although we have been enjoying some very mild weather lately this is unlikely to last. If a property is cold, viewers will feel uncomfortable and won’t be inclined to linger. This might mean that they fail to appreciate how your property could work for them, sometimes people need time to think through the possibilities. You want your property to feel welcoming. This can be a particular problem if your property is empty as it can not only feel cold but damp. However, viewers are likely to be wearing outdoor clothing so you don’t want them to feel too hot. The best solution is to have the heating on but at a lower temperature sufficient to take the chill off but not feel like a sauna!

Image of a bed dressed with beautiful soft fur throw and cushions

When the days are short and dreary it’s a fantastic opportunity to create a warm and cosy feel to your home. If you have a fire or log burner then light it. Dres sofas, chairs and beds with woollen or fur throws and cushions in tactile textured fabrics. Light some candles if it’s safe to do so. Let your buyers imagine themselves curled up on the sofa or a chair with a book or the tv and a glass of mulled wine. It’s all about celebrating the time of year and making the most of being indoors with friends and family.


I like to change the colours in my home according to the seasons – light colours in the Spring and darker ones in the Autumn and Winter. If you have a neutral back ground then it is easy and cheap to change the feel of a room using accessories. I like warm oranges, ochre and also colours such as berry red and purple work well. Take your inspiration from nature as in the photo above or think of a heather and bracken covered moorland. Scottish moorland

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