This Easter is going to feel strange. It’s an occasion when we tend to go out and enjoy the long weekend and meet up with friends and family. There won’t be any of that this year but we still need to have something to look forward to and mark the occasion. You may not have previously added any decorations to your home at Easter, if not, why not try adding a few touches this year. I have tried to include ideas that you can make either yourself or with the children.

The Exterior

Image of a front door decorated with a metal funnel planted with pretty spring flowers

OK so you may not be receiving many visitors this year but we are allowed to leave the house for certain purposes and passers by may still be able to see our front door so the exterior will still give pleasure. Start with a pretty wreath. You can purchase these but even better make your own. If you have a basic straw wreath or other circular frame then wrap with greenery and add spring foliage and touches such as decorative eggs and ribbon. I love this idea of a funnel packed with flowers but you can decorate however you like. If you have children it’s great activity they can get involved in whether jointly or creating their own. Don’t forget some hanging baskets or planters.

The Hallway

Image of a vase filled with twigs and decorative eggs hung from the branches

The hallway is the first space we see when we enter a property, it’s also a thoroughfare so it’s nice to add some decorative touches. If you have a console table or shelf then get creative. Cut some twigs from the garden, put them in a vase and hang some decorative eggs from it. Or line a basket, flower pot or bucket with bright tissue paper and fill with chocolate eggs. Most supermarkets will have some Easter decorations such as fluffy bunnies or chicks so pick some up when shopping. Even a vase or jug of Spring flowers will make you smile.

Living Room

Image of a cushion printed with an image of a rabbit

I guess we might be spending a lot of time in the living room so it makes sense to create a an inviting space. Whilst it isn’t specifically Easter focused, it’s a good time to update your living room with some lighter touches. Change warm cosy throws and cushions for lighter (in colour and weight) ones. I came across this fun bunny cushion at M&S which would be a nice touch. Create some Easter bunting using scraps of fabric – florals and checks in bright Spring colours such as yellow, green, blue and pink. Either go for a traditional pennant shape or try cutting pieces in bunny or egg shapes. Plant up a pot with bulbs and put it on a side table – hyacinths add fragrance to the room.

Dining Room

Image of dining table with a plant trough in the middle filled grass and decorated with Easter eggs and an Easter bunny

A simple table decoration will brighten your Easter Sunday lunch. I love the idea of this trough. If you only have a small table or even a tray then simply use a dish or even a pot such as one you might plant herbs in. A little clump of grass or moss decorated with eggs is all you need. Why not enhance your dining experience by adding a linen napkin with a home made ring. Use either a strip of hessian or ribbon to create the ring and decorate with chicks, eggs or bunnies cut from felt embellished with buttons or beads. It is easy to find templates online.


Image of a double bed dressed with bedding in shades of gold and grey to suggest a calm bedroom

I’m a firm advocate of the calm bedroom and I think this is even more the case at this particular time. So far in this blog I have tried to avoid tips that require you to simply buy things rather I have focused on things that you can make or create. My tip for the bedroom is however going to contain one suggestion that involves spending money, namely some new bedding, it doesn’t have to be expensive. I recommend calming decor for the bedroom but if it suits you better then go for something cheerful and Spring like. Add a vase with flowers or create a basket to put on a bedside table or chest of drawers.

I hope I have given you some ideas to help you add a Easter joy to your home. To learn more about what I do visit the Services page of my website. If you need help contact me on 07745 876182 or e mail me on I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West.