You might have found your dream house and don’t want to lose it. You or your partner may have landed a new job and need to relocate. You and your partner may have decided to separate and can’t afford to maintain two households. What do you do if you need to sell quickly? One very obvious option is to price the property accordingly. However, you may need to maximise your selling price so you don’t want/ can’t afford to do this. If you refer to a quick sale in your marketing, prospective buyers are likely to haggle because they know you want a quick sale.

Styling your property for sale is the alternative and here are five reasons why it works

1. Photos

The house hunting process for most people begins with a search of the online portals such as Rightmove or Zoopla. You enter your search criteria and a list of properties comes up with either one (or perhaps a group of 3 images). I have already noticed an increase in For Sale Boards in my local area, and with people choosing to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday announced last week, it is likely that more properties will be coming to the market. This means that the images of your property need to stand out (in a good way) and entice buyers to look at the detailed listing and take a virtual tour. Styling your property gives you beautiful images for your marketing material.

2. Kerb Appeal

Image of the front of a house with hanging baskets and pots planted with box balls either side of the door.

The image that comes up in the portal listing I have referred to above tends to be the front of the property. Kerb appeal is the appearance of your property from the outside including the outside space. Although you don’t see the exterior of your property when living in it you do see it every time you pull up outside. Home owners want to be proud of their property when visitors come and when they themselves arrive home from work or shopping. So you need to pay attention to the exterior, making sure that it and the surroundings are well maintained and look attractive. Bear in mind also that many prospective buyers will do a drive by to check out the location and what the property looks like in real life. Styling the exterior using things such as hanging baskets or planters, painting a front door, mowing the lawn creates kerb appeal.

Viewing Experience

Image of a coffee pot with a cup of coffee and plate of biscuits

Most buyers won’t buy a property without a physical viewing despite the rise in popularity of virtual tours. As a result, you need to ensure that they have a pleasant experience when viewing. This includes ensuring that the property is immaculately clean and tidy (no smelly pets), removing clutter, creating an atmosphere that makes buyers feel comfortable and at home, enabling them to picture themselves living in the property. You want them to take their time looking round the property and not rush, giving them the opportunity to fall in love with it. Styling is how you do this. You could even provide tea or coffee for the viewers.

Increases Interest

Image of a woman's hand picking up a telephone

Having attractive images for your marketing, giving the property kerb appeal and creating an enjoyable viewing experience will stimulate interest in the property. It will encourage more prospective buyers to view. The more interest you get in your property the more likely you are to find a buyer.


The more interest there is in your property the more offers you are likely to receive. The greater the number of viewings the more likely it is that you will receive an offer. Also if buyers are aware that there is a lot of interest they will take notice. They will be encouraged by the fact that other people like it and they won’t want to risk losing the property.

It is like a chain reaction one thing leads to another so style your property to light the spark that ignites that chain. Is your property stuck and now you really need to sell, or simply want to be off to a sprint start call me now on 07745 86182 or email me at to begin the process and let’s get you sold.