According to an article in the Daily Telegraph this Saturday, there was a blitz of activity in the high – end property market following the General Election. The article reported that according to recent research by Hamptons International, “any general election will bring about a 15 per cent rise in transactions across the entire housing market.” So good news for sellers then.

Does a buoyant property market, one where properties are selling within weeks, days or even hours of going on the market mean that sellers don’t really have to worry about the presentation of their property because it will sell quickly anyway? I say no, and for a variety of reasons.

As a matter of courtesy (and your own pride), when you have someone coming to view your property it should always be clean and tidy at the very least.

Buyers still have a choice. In a rising market it is likely that more people will be tempted to put their homes on the market and therefore there will be an increase in supply. Properties that have unfinished DIY, are cluttered or generally unappealing will still lose out to those that are better presented.

if your property is well presented it is likely to attract more instruct which generally translates into higher offers. A rising market mean properties sell more quickly but well presented ones are still likely to sell for more.

Just because use the market is active doesn’t mean a property will sell no matter what it’s condition, presentation  does still matter. So finish those DIY jobs, de-clutter and get out the paintbrush. If you would like advice on presenting your property for sale contact us by e mail at call us on 07745 876182 or send an enquiry via our contact us page. We’d love to help.