Christmas is just three weeks away! … If you are considering selling in the New Year or if your property is currently on the market you may be wondering what to do. In the case of the former, it’s tempting to wait and, in the case of the latter, it’s tempting to take the property off the market.

However, the statistics for people looking on Rightmove over Christmas and New Year are staggering as can be seen by this graph from the portal Rightmove. So yes you should definitely be on the market over the Christmas and New Year period. In this blog I will offer some tips on the extent to which you should decorate.

Basic Principles

The key thing is that, as with many things, it’s all about getting the balance right. If you don’t decorate at all, your property may look uninteresting and uninviting. If you go over the top, then you may put buyers off or at least you will distract them from giving your property their full consideration. In general terms you can’t go wrong if you adopt the mantra “less is more”.

Moving on to specific areas of the home.


Image of a front door painted black hung with a green and gold wreath and garland and box planters either side

It’s a well worn phrase but worth repeating – “kerb appeal”. This is because first impressions really do count and it’s the first opportunity we have to impress or disappoint buyers. There has been an increasing trend towards decorating the exterior of our properties as well as the inside at Christmas. It encompasses everything from a few lights over the porch to gardens decorated with snowmen, woodland animals, reindeer – you name it!. I recommend a good quality wreath made from natural materials hung on the front door, bay or holly trees decorated with simple white LED lights and a couple of lanterns. These make viewers feel welcome and set the scene.

Quality Not Quantity

Moving inside, it’s difficult question, I know. How far do you go with the decorations? For families in particular you want to create that magical feel and you may want to go all out with the decorations. On the other hand, as mentioned above, if you are going to be having viewings, whether in person or virtual, then it’s best not to get carried away. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, a big tree and lots of Christmas decorations can make a space look cluttered and small, which you definitely don’t want. Secondly, having lots of decorations can be a distraction. Buyers may be focusing on the decorations (good or bad) rather than the property itself. Don’t forget that people’s reactions can be subconscious.


A console table with scandi Christmas decorations

The hallway is the first area of the home that buyers will see so it is a a good idea to have some Christmas touches in this space. If you have a console table then this is a perfect spot to have a lantern with a candle or perhaps cluster of LED lights or pretty baubles, a decorative ornament such as a reindeer or heart and a plant such as a poinsettia, cyclamen or branch from a fir tree. If you don’t have a console table then try a decorative garland wound around the bannister.


Image of a living room showing a fireplace with Christmas tree to the left and wreath above

In the lounge start with a modestly sized Christmas tree. I think a real tree is best for it’s connection with nature. Choose one noted for it’s fragrance such as the Nordman Fir. If space is lacking, you can buy artificial trees that go flat against the wall. Choose a colour palette for your decorations that is in keeping with the colour scheme of the room. Rather than adding extra ornaments, instead opt for a few festively themed cushions. Leaving out tea and coffee making facilities and perhaps a plate of mince pies in the kitchen is a nice touch.


In the bedroom focus on dressing the bed. There are many lovely bedding sets with a Christmas theme but for your main bedroom concentrate on creating a luxurious and cosy feel rather than a specifically Christmas themed look. Add layers of throws in different textures such as faux fur and cable knits. Depending on your decor, a few touches of red and a cushion with a Christmas message or image gives enough of that festive feel.

In summary, when selling at Christmas create a an attractive exterior, welcoming entrance hallway and don’t overdo it. Need help styling for a sale at Christmas? Call me on 07745 86182 or e mail me at I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West.