The Easter weekend is normally a long weekend and one where we like to get busy in the home and garden. This year it’s different, we’ve already been at home for a fortnight, which makes it difficult to make the weekend any different, so why not turn it into Easter week?

The forecast is good and we can still enjoy our gardens so I thought I’d offer a few suggestions for things to do. If you don’t have a garden, I hope that you at least have some outside space and can utilise some of these ideas. Whether you are already in a home you love, or are planning to move, our outside space is important.

Paint The Fence

Image of a garden fence half painted

Fences need to be maintained and now is a good time to give them a coat of paint before the gardens get going. Try a different colour. Consider what kind of space you want to create, do you want somewhere that reinforces nature or somewhere more fun. I once decided that I was going to create a Mediterranean garden and so painted the fence a cobalt blue and the shed terracotta. What colour would help conjure up the feeling you want? If you don’t have a garden and your outdoor space is more of a yard you can paint a wall or walls.

Clean the Drive/ Patio

Image of a flagged driveway, half is dirty and half is clean

If you have a paved drive or patio they may well look grubby and stained. As a result of the wet winter there may be moss or algae growing so now is the time to get cleaning. Ideally, use a pressure washer. If you don’t own one can you borrow one whilst safely observing social distancing rules, maybe a near neighbour? Alternatively, bleach, soap and water can be combined to make to a powerful cleaner. Mix 1 cup of bleach, 1 cup of powdered laundry detergent and 16 cups of hot water. Pour the solution over stained and dirty areas of the driveway. Work it in with a hard bristled brush and let it set for about 20 minutes. After that, set your garden hose sprayer to a high force and wash away the solution. If you can find a bleach made for outdoor use, use that as an alternative to common laundry and household bleach. via

Plant A Container

Image of a teracotta pot planted with grape hyancinths and red tulips

There is nothing better for the soul than getting creative in the garden. No matter how big or small your outside space is there is always room for a container. We might not be able to visit garden centres at the moment but check local nurseries and garden centres who may be able to deliver or order online. Refresh an old planter whose contents is past it’s best. Now is a good time to divide plants so see if there is something you can divide and use one part in the container. Supermarkets are still stocking plants such as primulas so check out what’s available next time you are food shopping.

Create A Veg Patch

A veg patch doesn’t have to be large and lots of veg can be grown in containers and can be grown from seed. Once you have tasted fresh veg you’ll be hooked and there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had from growing it yourself. This idea is a great one for the kids, give them their own space or container. Raised beds or planters are perfect for getting started or in a small space.

Create A Seating Area

Image of two wicker gardens chairs with cream cushions and a round table

Whether it’s at the end of a busy day working in the garden or that you simply want somewhere to relax and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air then some kind of seating area is a must. You might only have space for a chair but whatever the size you can make it special. Wicker and rattan are practical for outdoor use. I think it needs to be comfy so make sure the seat pad is thick enough and dress with cushions and a throw for when it turns chilly. It’s useful to have something to rest your drink on so include a small table. Footstools would be an added bonus. You could plant that container with fragrant plants that will provide scent for increased enjoyment

Whatever you might be doing this Easter, I hope you will find at least some of these suggestions helpful. I’m still available to offer advice remotely so feel free to contact me on 07745 876182 or e mail me at