I know it’s horrible, it’s frustrating. You are in limbo. When you sell your home you start off full of enthusiasm, eagerly waiting for the agent to call with news of a viewing or even an offer. You make an effort to keep your home clean and tidy. Initially, you are likely to have a number of viewings (the greatest interest in a property is always when it first goes on the market) and you are excited.

But what happens when those viewings tail off and there have been no offers? You become disillusioned and maybe you stop being so careful about how the property is maintained ready for viewings – things don’t get tidied away, you leave the breakfast dishes in the sink instead of washing them up or putting them in the dishwasher. You become anxious because you are waiting for the agent to call. You may become upset because you have lost out on your dream home. At the end of the day we all have a reason why we want to move whether it’s good or bad and you can’t move on with your life until you have sold.

So if you are in that situation what can you do to achieve that sale? Typically there are two things we consider, one is changing the estate agent and the other is a price reduction. Either of those suggestions might be appropriate, you might not have the right agent for your style of property or the property may have been launched at a figure designed to “test the market”

However, there is another alternative to consider, one that you might not have thought of and that might not have suggested by your agent – namely, is your property presented properly for your target market? Property shopping is a bit like dating? If you have ever tried online dating (I haven’t) then you will be familiar with the idea of scrolling through your feed and swiping left or right. You make quick decisions based on what you see. It’s like that with house. Buyers scroll through the portals and make judgments based on the images they see – the decision to click through to read more, the decision to book a viewing. If they don’t like what they see they won’t bother. Harsh but true. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your property just that it isn’t what they are looking for. Unfortunately, we live in an “instant” world where people make judgments very quickly.

So if you are struggling to sell it’s worth considering who are your target market and what are they looking for? When they see your property online do the images answer the questions?

A graphic from the Home Staging Association which reads "75% of estate agents reported homebuyers will spend more time viewing a staged home, as opposed to an unstaged property."

That where my home staging service comes in, objective advice on how to prepare your home to appeal to your target market. Your online images in conjunction with professional photography will appeal to buyers. This means that your property will attract interest, viewings and offers.

If you are struggling to sell and aren’t sure what to do then ring me on 07745 876182 for a chat. I offer virtual consultations where I give advice based on your sales particulars, photos that you send me or your own virtual tour. I’m here to help.

Image of business owner Judith sitting in the dining room of a property she staged