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You know what it’s like when you first put your home on the market, there is all the excitement. There is usually the thrill of the new home to look forward to, the sense of anticipation as you wait for the estate agent to call with notice of a viewing, the nerves … Being honest most of us expect the house to sell quickly. At the beginning there is usually a flurry of activity. When a property is new to the market, house hunters looking for properties of that type in that location will be keen to view so you will expect an initial number of viewings followed by a steady stream of viewings as new buyers start looking.

However, what do you when the offers don’t materialise and the viewings dry up? I recall when I last moved this happened to me. I felt frustrated and wondered what I could do and this is a common feeling. So what can you do?

Very often the initial instinct is to drop your selling price but this is only one option. Always have a discussion with your estate agent because they may suggest options other than a price reduction. Consider your particulars, can they be amended to reflect changes you have made e.g. decorating, or positive feedback from viewings. Consider the photos, can they be improved or retaken, again to reflect changes.

Presentation – does your property look attractive to buyers? This is where I come in. I advise sellers on how to the present their property for sale so that it sells quickly and at the best possible price. Why is  this important? Firstly, for the photos. Most buyers commence their house hunt online if not all their house hunting.  if the photos aren’t appealing they may view or may not even bother clicking through to read the full details. Secondly, the competition. Your property will be competing against others and so it needs to stand out, it needs to be the best. Thirdly, common sense. It’s only natural that buyers will feel more positive about a property that is clean and well presented.

Why do you need professional help? When selling it’s easy to get  caught up in the emotion of the move. Your connection with your home means that it is difficult to be objective. Perhaps you like the little quirks that you’ve become used to over the years. As with all things what appeals to one won’t appeal to the other. However much you love your home you have to appreciate that not everyone will. I will give you objective advice on those issues that could deter buyers and also those those features that you can highlight. The aim is to create a property that will appeal to the widest number of buyers.

So if you are struggling to sell or thinking about selling give me a call on 07745 876182, e mail at or complete the enquiry form below. Homestyle4u cover Cheshire and the North West.

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