Christmas is very nearly upon us and if your house is on the market you might imagine that nothing will happen over the next two weeks. Well think again. The period between Christmas and New year is actually a very busy time on the property portals, the New Year is often a time when people decide to make a fresh start and as they are off work they have time to browse. So why not take advantage of this fresh interest. Here are a few of our top tips if you are on the market.

  • Clear paths and driveways – at this time of year paths and drives can be rendered hazardous by rain, ice and snow and generally look untidy. Brush up leaves and check for any slipperiness. This also applies outside decked areas. Viewers may wish to inspect the garden and decks can be rendered dangerous by the growth of moss and algae so scrub them clean.
  • Kerb appeal – this can be a drab time of year so brighten up the appearance of the front of your property with hanging baskets and tubs. A traditional Christmas wreath adds a welcoming touch.
  • Safety – if viewings are taking place early or late in the day when it may be dark you want viewers to be safe as they walk up to your front door. Make sure that motion activated security lighting or exterior lights are working correctly and, the latter case, switched on in advance. If you don’t currently have any, consider installing some.
  • Warmth – when viewers enter your home you want them to feel comfortable, neither hot or cold. If viewers fell uncomfortable they are likely to rush round and may not give your property the consideration it deserves. Remember that viewers are likely to be wearing outdoor clothing so bear this mind when setting the thermostat.
  • Lighting – light levels are poor so switch a few lights on. Secondary lighting such as table lights and downlighters is best for creating a soft welcoming feel. Be prepared that viewers may wish to turn lights off to check natural light levels.
  • Christmas Decorations – most of us like to decorate our homes for Christmas and this can add a nice homely feel but be subtle. The general rule still applies, you don’t want your home to feel cluttered and you want viewers to be able to appreciate the space. This means that you don’t want the tree to dominate and you don’t want every surface covered with ornaments. The other thing to consider is that, as with any aspect of decor, people’s taste differs so it is best to go for something traditional.

Good luck and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you have any questions contact us via email at  call us on 07745 876182 or complete the enquiry form on our contact us   page.