This morning I attended a Networking Event – I love telling people about what I do and how I can help sell houses. Last evening I planned what I was going to wear. Now this might sound frivolous but I think it’s important for two reasons. Firstly, from a business perspective when I attend a Networking Event, have a 1-2-1 with someone or I go to meet a prospective client, I am presenting my business. I want to create the right impression, in this case to look smart and professional, because hopefully that will give the people I am speaking to the belief that they can trust me both personally and professionally. Secondly, if I feel good about what I am wearing then that gives me confidence when I am talking to people and that in turn helps me to convey my message better.

Now what has all this got to do with selling a house I hear you ask? Well a lot actually. If you are selling or thinking of selling, then first of all, I want you to take off your home owner hat and replace it with your business person hat because selling a house is a business transaction. Right, now I want you to physically or mentally walk round your house imagining that you are a prospective buyer who has come to view your property. Be objective. If you haven’t moved for a while in can help to cast your mind back to when you have been out viewing properties in the past – how did it feel, what sort of thoughts passed through your mind? What impression are you getting? I often suggest asking a friend or acquaintance to do this, either with you or on their own, making sure that they are ready to be brutally honest. Perhaps make notes as you go round of what you notice.

So, how did it go? For me, the most important things when selling are does the property look as if it has been well looked after. For example, has the property been kept in a good state of repair or can you see that things need doing? It might be just little things such as a dripping tap or a door that is coming off its hinges, but little things can add up to create an impression that the property is a bit run down and prospective purchasers may worry that more major issues may lurk. Is the pretty clean and tidy so that it looks as if the home owner/s are proud of their home or have the home owners not even bothered to wash up and make the beds?  You want prospective buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your home.

The reason I mention putting on your business person hat or getting someone to walk round with us is that we get used to our homes and we all have our own lifestyle. This makes it difficult to see your home from a stranger’s perspective. This is where I come in. As a professional home stager I come to your property with an objective perspective, not to criticise, but rather to offer advice on how we can make your property appeal to the widest possible market with the objective of getting you the best possible price and in the shortest possible time. Call today on 07745 876182 e mail to info@homestyle4u.com or complete the enquiry form below. I cover Cheshire and the North West. I’d love to help.

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