Last week I was glued to the television watching coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show, an event I’ve enjoyed attending several times. There were so many fantastic gardens this year you were spoilt for choice, but, having watched the series, I admit to a soft spot for that designed by Sean Murray winner of the Great Chelsea Garden Challenge. The standard of gardens gets better and better every year and this year there was so much variety.

So here are a few tips from Chelsea that I think can be applied to selling your house.

1. Remember when selling, your house is a stage. It is easy to see that each of the show gardens at Chelsea, big or small, is a stage set with each in its individual clearly defined plot. It is perhaps less obvious to see that your home is also a stage, it’s the platform on which the viewings take place.

2. Preparation. We all know that the designers at Chelsea spend a lot of time preparing their gardens, usually many, many months. Whilst preparing your home for sale might not require months of preparation, it is important to prepare. This can involve things such as de-cluttering, making any necessary repairs, painting or cleaning.

3. Attention to detail. The show gardens at Chelsea are examples of absolute perfection and the attention to detail is amazing – the plant selection, the condition of each plant, the litle touches. Attention to detail also matters when selling your home. Little things might not seem important but they all contribute to the overall impression which can make all the difference between an offer or the amount offered. Clean the windows, wipe over skirting boards and light switches etc.

The over arching lesson of Chelsea is that presentation matters. The same is true when selling your home. Contact us by e mail at call us on 07745 876182 or send an enquiry via our contact us page. We cover Cheshire and the North West. We are here to help.