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You may have heard the expressions “home staging” or “property styling” and may have an idea what those phrases mean but what is actually involved in staging a home for sale?

The Beginning

The process always involves a meeting with the client to discuss the process with the client, explain the benefits and evaluate whether the property will benefit (not all will). This is followed by a detailed evaluation of what is required on a room by room basis including the exterior. That evaluation is communicated to the client either in the form of a verbal or written report. The client can opt for one of these services and implement the recommendations themselves. If the client wishes to proceed to the “hands on” stage then the next stage is the middle.

The Middle

The middle comprises all the work that is required before the actual dressing of the property. Each property is different and the amount and type of work will differ in each case. I always aim to work with what is already present and keep changes to a minimum. To give a flavour of just what might be involved, this might include arranging meetings with various trades to obtain quotes for repairs and other work. If the property is in poor condition, this could include clearing the property and booking skip hire, replacement/ repair of damaged items, decorating, cleaning, carpets and blinds. These tasks have to be scheduled (and in the correct order!) There could be choosing floor coverings, window treatments and paint, identifying items required for dressing the property and which of those items were to be supplied by myself and which required to be purchased. Purchasing products as agreed with the client. At all stages quotes are provided to the client and approval obtained. Throughout the work I liaise with the various tradespeople to ensure access is provided when required and attend to check on the progress of the work.

The End

The end is is putting all the items in the property once it is all ready. It’s all about creating the right atmosphere so that potential buyers will fall in love with the property and make an offer. It involves the finishing touches, those little extra touches that you might not register at a conscious level but subliminally act on the sub-conscious to create the “feel”. You know, that sense when you walk into a property and just know it’s the right one.

Now every project is different and not all will require this level of involvement. It depends on the individual property and much the client wants and is able to undertake tasks. Take  a look at “Before” and “After” photos on the Gallery page.

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