Are you trying to sell your home at the moment? Maybe your home has been on the market for a while and you are worried that at this time of year, when the weather is inclement, the days are shorter and quite frankly people would rather be indoors, nobody will want to view. If so, here are my top tips for encouraging viewers.


Image of a bright room with the curtains drawn right back

One of the biggest problems at this time of year is lack of natural light. This means spaces can feel gloomy and uninviting for daytime viewings. The first thing to do, is do what you can to maximise the amount of light that comes into each room. Ensure that curtains and binds are pulled back to their full extent. Clean the windows inside and out. Bad weather often leaves windows dirty so clean the exterior of your windows regularly. If you don’t normally employ a window cleaner it’s worth doing so while your property is on the market. Switch on the lights before viewings. Secondary lighting such as floor and table lamps and wall lights offer a softer more subtle feel than overhead lighting. If ceiling lights are on a dimmer then turn them low.


Image of a fireplace with log burner in the brick recess with a wooden beam above

You want viewers to be comfortable when viewing. If your home is cold then viewers will consciously or unconsciously hurry round because they want to leave. This is a particular consideration if the property is empty. You want them to take their time so that they can see the potential and work out what they might do to make the home work for them. If people rush they may dismiss a property that, with a little thought, could work for them. So have the heating on low. Remember viewers are likely to be wearing outdoor clothing and so you don’t want it too hot either. Think of Goldilocks and the three bears. You could even experiment yourself, try walking round your home wearing the sort of jacket or coat you would go out in and judge whether the heating is set too low or high.

A log burner or multi fuel stove(there are gas or electric alternatives) is the perfect focal point and really adds to a warm and homely feel. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that they do throw out a lot of heat which can be over powering.

Make it Welcoming

Image of a group of candles of different shapes and sizes all lit.

You want your property to be welcoming. Start with the exterior which I touched on in last week’s blog How To Make The Garden Attractive When Selling in Winter. If it’s going to be getting dark when the viewing takes place switch on an outside light and any pathway lighting. Use lots of cushions and throws so that people can imagine themselves getting cosy in front of the fire or TV with a glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate. Textures such as faux fur or chunky knit work best for this purpose along with velvet. If you are someone who prefers a more minimalist space or doesn’t like accessories it’s worth putting up with them whilst you are trying to sell. Such interiors can work in summer, but once Autumn arrives then can appear cold and uninviting. You can always store them in a basket or storage ottoman in a corner at other times if you don’t use them normally. Scented candles (or pillar candles in a lantern) are great for creating atmosphere and don’t be afraid to set the scene by adding books, magazines or even board games in a family home.

If you make changes to reflect these tips don’t forget to get your agent to come and take some fresh photos for the marketing. With online searches and video tours more important than ever to achieving viewings (which lead to offers) it’s vital to keep your photography up to date. It’s also worth investing in professional photography/ videography which should include some lifestyle images.

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