Diagramatic representations of various emotions

I do a lot of networking and recently a couple of people have commented on how I change when I get talking about what I do. I think what they mean is that I become more animated, my eyes light up and I start to wave my arms about!

The reason I mention this is that there is a lot of emotion around selling your home. This can stem from the process of moving itself. It is very stressful. There’s a lot to do – packing, notifying people, arranging for connections to utilities and broadband etc, liaising with property professionals such as estate agents and solicitors, not to mention keeping the house tidy! If we are relocating it can involve saying goodbye to friends and family.

There is much uncertainty, at least until exchange of contracts. You feel in limbo, that you can’t really make plans until contracts have been exchanged. Perhaps you are trying not to think too much about the new home in case the purchase falls through. You are on tenterhooks waiting for calls from the professionals. In the early days at least, you have to be ready for viewings.

Then there can be the reason behind the move – it might be leaving the family home that you have lived in for a long time, a separation, a new job. You might feel sad, resentful if you don’t actually want to move, excited if the move is associated with a new job or relationship,

There are always memories associated with a property which can be good or bad and those memories will influence how you feel.

It’s hardly surprising therefore, that all this emotion can get in the way of selling whether consciously or unconsciously. In the former it could be that the emotion gets in the way of you doing things that you should be doing such as packing, organising removals, decorating. The latter could be omitting to tidy up, delaying responding to your solicitor or estate agent (these can be conscious actions/ omissions as well). Emotion can also prevent you from seeing those things that might be putting off potential buyers. Home staging helps with the practical aspects of preparing your property ready for sale and provides an objective look at what might be standing in the way of a sale and ultimately that new chapter in your life.

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