The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and the weather has turned wintry. This time of year our gardens are not looking their best so if your property is on the market you might be wondering what you can do to improve the appearance of your outdoor space.

Tidy Up

Image of a lawned garden with a wheelbarrow filled with garden prunings

It is likely that at least some flowers and shrubs are looking straggly and unkempt. So one of the first things to do is have a good tidy up. dead head any flowering plants and cut back dead foliage. Some shrubs should be pruned at certain times of the year so always check plant labels or a gardening manual if you aren’t sure. The same applies to trees. If you have leaves on the lawn rake them up (leaving them lying on the lawn will spoil the lawn as well as looking untidy). You could try creating leaf mould which you can use as a mulch by putting the leaves in a plastic sack which you then make holes in for aeration. Grass may still be growing so you may still need to cut the lawn although less frequently.

Clean Paths and Driveways

Image of a brush being used to clean a driveway

With wet weather and leaves, paths, patios and driveways become slippery and a hazard for viewers. Sweep clean using a stiff bristled brush and jet wash or scrub to remove dirt and debris. Power washing can remove the sand between flags and block paving so you may need to add fresh. Some paving materials can be cleaned using a dilute solution of bleach and water. Alternatively, use a specialist “apply and leave” patio cleaner. Check the condition of these areas regularly during the time your property is on the market.

Add Colour

Image of a pot planted with dark pink, light pink and white cyclamen, on a patio

In addition to tidying the garden and maintaining driveways and patios it is important to bear in mind that there tends not be much colour in the garden at this time of year. You can add shrubs or plants which are specifically chosen for their Autumn colour. Using tubs or planters means that you can take them with you when you move if you invested in specimen shrubs. If placing in a border you can keep them in their pots either sunken in the border or disguised by other foliage. Otherwise, hanging baskets and planters are a very cost effective way to improve your property’s kerb appeal. Either opt for a mixture of plants or using just one variety, such as a mass of cyclamen for example, can have a big impact.

And Finally …

Image of a lantern style outdoor light by a front door

With the shorter days it’s a good idea to consider outside lighting even if viewings tend not to take place in the dark. If you have a porch light or lights that are sensor activated, check that these are working Making sure that the path/ drive is lit not only provides safety but means that your property is welcoming when viewers arrive.

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