Images of elements of design including paint chart, carpet samples and wallpapers


When I embarked on my career change one of the things I had to consider was my wardrobe. Now you might think that’s the least of my worries at such a important time but actually it isn’t. How you look is part of your “brand” it can also have a huge impact on how you feel – crucial if you are meeting potential customers. I had an idea of the image that I wanted for my new career and my existing wardrobe was very corporate which I didn’t feel was right. So I consulted a personal stylist, it wasn’t cheap but I looked on it as an investment in my new business. Although I think I have a fairly good eye for what suits me I felt that the input of a third party and an expert would help. The process was a collaboration and between us the stylist and I chose a couple of pieces that would stand alone but could also be combined with pieces in my existing wardrobe.

So what relevance has this to interior design I hear you ask? Well the same principle can be applied to your home. This struck me when I was in the home section of one of my favorite stores looking at all the lovely products (and wanting to buy them!) Sometimes we decide to do some decorating, we go to the store, or stores, and we become like a rabbit trapped in the headlights of a car. We are confronted with lots of choices – just think of all the paint charts, rolls of wallpaper – and it can feel overwhelming. We can also doubt our choices. So why does it make sense to employ me as your home’s personal shopper?

  • You might have an idea of what you want but struggle to translate it into reality. I can help translate your ideas into actual choices.
  • There are plenty of stores that offer an interior design service (but not all) but this restricts you to products from that particular store. I personally like to mix things up so that a room doesn’t look like a showhome. You may want to spread your budget perhaps spending more on furniture less on accessories so that it makes sense to shop in different stores. I will identify a selection of stores for us to visit and accompany you.
  • I can save you making expensive mistakes both in terms of cost and/ or time.
  • If we are unsure then we tend to play safe. This can lead to frustration because you end up with something similar to what you had before when what you really wanted was a complete change. I can make suggestions that you wouldn’t have thought of and give you the confidence that they will work.

So how does the process work? I will have an initial meeting with you in your home to discuss your requirements and identify the stores we are are going to visit and the nature of products we will be looking for. I will accompany you to each of the stores and together we will choose the products to be purchased. If required I will arrange the implementation of any work and the dressing of your home/ room.

So how much does this cost? The initial consultation is £150 and I will then provide a quotation based on the steps agreed so you know in advance what the cost will be.

Sound like  a good idea? Contact me now on 07745 876182, e mail me on or complete the enquiry form below

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