Does the space in your home work for you or is there something niggling in the background? You may have even thought that it is time to move house but without being able to pinpoint why you feel like this. 

There are many reasons, usually changes in our lives, that can result in a property that felt perfect when we bought it ceasing to be so. Here are just a few.

  • Children leaving home
  • Children returning home
  • Accommodating elderly parents
  • Working from home

So what should you do when faced with any of these, or indeed any other, life changes that impact on your home? You may wish to move, in which case great, I can help you prepare your property ready for sale so that you obtain the best possible selling price and sell quickly.

On the other hand, moving is expensive and stressful, you might actually want to stay where you are. I can also help in this situation. It is easy in any of these situations to focus on the needs of just one individual – the adult child, the individual who now needs to work, the elderly relative etc and forget that there are other family members living in the house whose circumstances all have to be considered. It can be difficult when you have lived somewhere for a long time to picture changes. Emotion can hinder your thought processes.

The starting point is to identify what is and isn’t working. What is the budget? Is it a case of remodelling the layout (perhaps extending) or is the change required more of a cosmetic nature. 

I will sit down with you and discuss with you why the property currently doesn’t work for you i.e. what change has occurred (or maybe the property never really worked in the first place), identify the requirements and wishes of all occupants and we will then discuss possible solutions. Where appropriate, I will  liaise with professionals such as architects and tradespeople.

So don’t despair, the solution may not be a drastic as having to move home. Contact me on 07745 876182 or email me at I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West