Montage of images of textural plants


Hang on am I in the right place? – You might be wondering why all the images of plants in a blog about interior design. Well I’ve just returned from a trip to the beautiful St Mawes in Cornwall. During my holiday I was able to visit some of the lovely gardens notably Trebah, Heligan and The Eden Project. Owing to the climate, (and the technology of the biomes in the case of the Eden Project) these gardens are able to grow plants that we can’t grow further North. Some of the plants are large (gunnera manicata – top left), structural (agave – bottom right), have unusual textures (cork – centre) and they definitely have the “wow factor” which got me thinking.

When we decorate our homes we want them to be interesting. There are a number of ways of doing this – bold colour,statement wallpaper, artwork, furniture – these are just a few. Another is through the use of Form and Texture. Adding different textures creates interest but allows you to use a restricted colour palette, a famous example of this is the White Garden at Sissinghurst  in Kent. Incorporate different materials – wood, glass, metal or velvet, fur or silk for cushions. How often have you been in a shop and found yourself stroking a surface or a item such as a throw or cushion. Bizarre as it may sound, when I renovated my current home I actually found myself stroking the freshly skimmed plaster it was so smooth!

Just as you might have architectural plants in a garden, it’s important to have form i.e. statement pieces in your home. These do not necessarily need to be large although a large piece can be used as a focal point in a room that otherwise lacks one. This could be an item of furniture. a piece of artwork, a lamp. One idea is a large houseplant such as a ficus or palm. It’s important to have greenery in your home, so a large houseplant not only gives form to a scheme but brings a touch of outdoors in.

If you would like help to introduce form and texture to your home, or with any other aspect of creating your dream home the contact us. Call on 07745 876182, e mail at or complete the enquiry form below. We cover Cheshire and the North West. We are here to help.

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