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Finally there are signs that Spring has arrived – daffodils and other bulbs are adding colour to our gardens and verges, buds are appearing on the trees and occasionally the sun has put in an appearance! Most of us love our gardens and outside space is very important to us no matter how small it is. Spring is often a time when we plan garden projects, mine is ongoing. If you are selling your home you should not neglect your outside space as it can make a big difference to the saleability of your property.

So what  are the most important elements to consider? This obviously depends on the size of your outside space and the nature of your household – what suits a young single professional will not suit a family with young children. What follows is a number of elements each of which may, or may not, be appropriate for you. They are in no particular order of importance.

  • Plants/ Greenery

Image of beautiful garden planterEvery outside space needs plants and/ or greenery. In a large garden this is likely to comprise trees, shrubs and flowering plants in borders. For a courtyard garden it is likely to be some or of all of those but planted in tubs. Even a flat can benefit from window boxes or planters if you have a balcony.




  • Entertaining

TWicker hanging chair in framehis has to come a very close second to the first element if not top of the list. We all crave        somewhere outdoors to sit with a cup of coffee or glass of wine whether to soak up the sun    or just to have a few quiet moments to relax. Ideally the entertaining space will include a        table of some sort whether a small bistro set or a large dining table and chairs. If you can      manage a dining set plus some comfy seating as well even better. I’ve always hankered            after a hanging swing chair such as this example from





  • Grass

For families or dog owners, an area of  lawn for the children or dog to run around on is likely to be essential. Even a small area of grass helps us feel connected to nature, imagine the feeling of walking barefoot on grass. If you are someone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to mow the lawn, there are some great artificial alternatives which can also be practical for families. Artificial turf is also a good choice for courtyards and even balconies because it is low maintenance and practical for a small space but gives that sense of the outdoors if that is what you want.

Image of beautifully mown lawn


So spend sometime outside and make the most of your outside space. If you need some help with the interior or exterior of your home call us on 07745 876182 e mail us on or complete the enquiry form below. We cover Cheshire and the North West.