Recently I was engaging on Twitter with a bathroom designer on that perennial question bath or shower? It’s a bit like those other big debates – milk in first or second in your tea or jam or cream first on your scone. Baths and showers each have their merits and disadvantages of course so I thought I would run through a few pointers.


Image of beautiful shower

  • A shower is practical – when you are short of time, such as first thing in the morning when you are off to work, it is a quick and easy way of getting clean.
  • A shower takes up less space (usually!) – so is a good option where space is limited. Cubicles come in different sizes and corner versions or dispense with a cibicle altogether and go for a wet room.
  • A shower is accessible – so is ideal if there are issues of mobility. A wet room avoids any steps or opt for a cubicle that has a very shallow tray.



Photo Courtesy of PBL Interiors

  • A bath is unbeatable if you want to create a space where you can indulge in some “me time”. The bath can be the centrepiece of the ultimate relaxation space.
  • Nothing beats a bath if you need to soak a weary body perhaps after physical exercise or a hard day’s gardening or decorating.
  • A bath works for bathing young children. Not only is it easier for bathing the little ones but is essential for playtime!

Everyone is different but personally I believe families like a bath, young professionals may well go for a power shower. If you are selling, consider who are your target market and what are they likely to be looking for. Family members may want different options and may want a choice depending on the circumstances. As for me, I tend to use the shower on weekdays and then indulge in a long soak on Sunday evenings. If you want both but don’t have space for a separate bath and shower then go for the over bath shower option. I find a mixer tap with shower attachment is useful on the bath as it facilitates cleaning and hair washing. Taking advice from a specialist bathroom designer/ fitter can give you solutions that you might not otherwise have thought of and be cost effective.

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