Tuesday saw the first in a new series on Channel 4 featuring Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp called Love It or List It. In this series Kirstie and Phil take opposing sides to help families decide whether to refurbish their existing property or sell and move house. It’s an interesting departure from the normal house hunting scenario and a concept that many homeowners might want to consider.

We have many reasons for moving house. Some can only be satisfied by a move, for example, relocation for work, a separation, downsizing etc. However, in some cases your objectives might be capable of being satisfied by a refurbishment. You might love your exisitng home or its location and we all know that moving is an expensive process so it might make sense to put those costs towards the costs of refurbishment instead.

Deciding on which approach to adopt requires very careful consideration so analyse your reasons for moving, get professional advice on any alterations and also seek advice on the likely effect on the value and saleabilityof your home if such alterations are made.

Reconfiguring the layout of your home, converting space or building an extension can all transform how you feel about your home.

So back to Kirstie and Phil. In the event, in the first episode, whilst the couple loved Kirstie’s changes and the difference they made they decided that they would list it after all.

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