How often when you have been looking to move home have you told the estate agent that the property needs to be “light and airy”? It’s a requirement that is on most people’s wish list. Especially at this time of year light is something we all crave. So, if there is an area in your home that feels dark what can you do to to improve the light. First, there are some very simple tips.

  • Never under estimate the impact of decor and lighting. Decorating in light colours and the use of lighting through a combination of ceiling lights, wall lights and table and floor lamps can make a huge difference.
  • Window treatments. Similarly, using light coloured and lightweight fabrics for curtains and blinds can alter the feel of a room. Ensure that the windows are not obscured by having tracks or poles wide enough that they enable curtains to be drawn back fully. Avoid using pelmets or drapes that overhang the window. This maximises the amount of glass through which light can enter.

For more structural options here are a few suggestions.

  • Can windows be replaced with larger ones? Or if the relevant room leads onto a garden, doors whether patio, french or bi-fold will mean extra light. For these options advice will be required on the need for appropriate structural support.
  • Skylights are a very popular option especially with single storey extensions such as for a kitchen/ diner.

Image of open plan kitchen with skylights





  • Sun tunnels. Sun tunnels or light tunnels are a great way of introducing light into awkward spaces. They are designed to provide natural light into corridors, stairwells, bathrooms and cupboards, under pitched roofs, where installation of a more traditional roof window is not possible. They use a reflecting tube to direct light to where it is needed.

Before and after images of a light tunnel in a hall


  • Glass flooring. If you have a basement one option is to have a glass floor panel or panels. This allows light from the room above to enter the basement. They can be installed internally or externally and for maximum effect are best positioned adjacent to an external light source such as bi fold doors, full length windows or under a roof light.

image of lounge with glass panel in the floor






Whatever your circumstances there’s a solution to suit. If we can help call us on 07745 876182 e mail or complete the enquiry form below.

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