So we’ve started a New Year. A time when we reflect but also look forward. So what home related plans do you have for 2021? Perhaps you have decided to move or even buy your first property (how exciting!). Or maybe you love where you live but want to make changes even if it’s just a refresh of a single room.

It’s an age old question – should I move or improve? The starting point is to take time to sit down, work out what you really want to achieve and what your priorities are, and really consider the alternatives – draw up a list of pros and cons for each. You can give each element a weighting. If you are pondering the question, here are a few things to consider.


Image showing a pile of packing boxes stacked side by side with a pot plant alongside.
  • Moving is expensive. It will involve estate agents fees, legal fees, stamp duty, survey fees, removal fees and possibly the cost of other specialist reports. Do your research so that you know what to budget for
  • Moving home can be a means of climbing the property ladder. A series of moves can lead you to a lifestyle dream. As a property stylist, I help people prepare their homes for sale to maximise the sale price and achieve a quick sale.
  • Moving can free up capital for some other other purposes either through a downsize or, a sideways move to a cheaper location.


Image of a hammer, saw, nails and metal tape measure on a wooden floor.
  • Do you love where you live? Is it the perfect location for you with all the amenities you need plus friends and family.
  • Can your existing property provide you with what you want? Sometimes an existing property simply can’t be made to give you what you want/ need. If it’s the property itself that is the problem, it’s definitely worth consulting an architect to get the best advice on what can be done.
  • Improving your property can increase its value even if you are going to move or aren’t planning to move immediately. As an interior designer I can help you create the space you want.

Whether you want to move, improve or don’t know which, I can help. Call me on 07745 876182 or e mail me at I cover Cheshire, the Wirral and the North West but am happy to offer consultations remotely. Click here to see the range of services I provide.