Spring is here! Spring is my favourite time of the year with the cheerful colours of Spring bulbs, longer days, the warmth of the sun and the feel of a fresh start. People’s thoughts turn to booking breaks in the UK rather than abroad. Spring is therefore a fabulous time to really freshen up your holiday let to take advantage of new bookings. You might already have some ideas for the changes you want to make but you could be looking at your property knowing you want to make a change, but with no idea where to get started. So what changes can you make to help the property stand out to holidaymakers during peak season? In the days of Instagram do you want to create  the perfect backdrop for your Guests to take their selfie?. In this month’s blog, I want to share some tips on how to refresh your holiday home this Spring to help your property stand out.


Before you start any refresh, it’s worth taking a little time out to consider your objectives because these may have changed since you last made any alterations to your property. What do you want to achieve from your holiday let and are you still achieving those objectives or have circumstances changed and you want to set new ones? Here are just a few objectives that you might have.

  • Financial freedom/secure income
  • Reliable income from repeat bookings
  • To improve the number and quality of reviews
  • To give your guests, the best possible holiday experience
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Whether your objectives have changed or they’ve remained the same, it is also worth investing some time in research. The location or the market might have changed. Research your competition, research your local area and research what visitors are looking for. Research is especially important if your holiday that is in an area other than where you are living. In this situation, it is not as easy to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on.



Always bear in mind how the changes you are looking to make are going to be implemented. If you live near your property, then it may be easy for you to make the changes yourself and you have local contacts who can do this for you. If you’re first time holiday let owner you may not have these contacts and you may not be easily able to do what needs doing whatever your situation. Would it be easier to have someone do this all for you? So here are some suggestions to bear in mind when planning your refresh.


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When planning a refresh, it’s always a good idea to make the most of your location if you haven’t already done so. Whether your property enjoys a coastal location, is in beautiful countryside or is in a city centre it’s always sensible to use your location as a reference point. This doesn’t mean that you should turn your property into a cliche. Using artwork that features local landmarks really helps connect your property to its location. Employ a local professional photographer to take the photos to achieve the best results. Identify the locations or features that you want to showcase so that you can instruct them what you want them to photograph. Adding textiles and other accessories made by local businesses adds authenticity and it’s also a great way to support other local businesses. Source local produce for your welcome pack.


Property Style

In a similar way to location, take inspiration from your property. If it has a historic connection or interesting features, such as stone walls or a fireplace, highlight these to differentiate yourself from other properties. You can take inspiration from the period of your property, for example, Georgian or Victorian. Rather than styling your property slavishly according to the period mix it up by adding modern touches or even embrace contemporary decor in a period property (great for those Insta selfies!) but do your research.


Image of a decorative fireplace
Vision Board showing rooms in a property decorated and styled in a cohesive style

Cohesive Style

If you are planning a revamp of your holiday let, decide on a cohesive theme to be carried through your entire property. A cohesive look is important because it gives a sense of harmony. Again, looking to your surroundings is a good way to pick a theme. You might begin with a view from the window if that is spectacular. Choose a local piece of artwork and take the colours from that. Now for suggestions on actual things to do.


Outdoor Space

Spring is the perfect time to take a look at your outdoor space, if you have any, whether this is a balcony, courtyard or a large garden. In recent years, we’ve all got the bug for making more of our outdoor space and especially when we are on holiday we will want to relax outdoors. Outdoor spaces can look very tired and untidy at this time of year so firstly tidy everything up and get rid of plants that have definitely died. Make sure that any lawn is cut and neatly edged and patios or decking have been cleaned. Refresh planting with seasonal bulbs and flowers. Also consider your outdoor furniture. Does it need cleaning, repainting or even replacing. Create a sociable environment by adding soft touches, such as cushions, throws, an outdoor rug and outdoor lighting.


Image of a potting tray in which is a small pot planted with cyclamen and ferns. A pair of gardening gloves hangs on the edge
Ottoman style storage Storage footstool

New Furniture

If you decide the time has come to replace some of your furniture, for example, your seating in the living area, take the opportunity to reassess. It is worth investing in good quality furniture as this will last longer. Think about the layout. Could the layout of your furniture be improved to create more seating or a more sociable space? Opt for furniture that provides storage such as a storage ottoman in place of a traditional coffee table. Media units are also an opportunity to provide storage. Bookcases that also include a cupboard or drawers at the bottom enable things such as games, DVDs etc to be out of sight whilst at the same time allowing you to provide books, maps, and decorative items on the shelves



If you are having a refresh, it is worth taking note of interior trends. You should be able to find one that is appropriate for your property. It probably won’t have escaped your notice that one of the big colour trends for 2024 is peach inspired by Pantone R colour of the year for 2024, Pantone 13-1023 peach fuzz. This is described as a “velvety gentle peach tone, whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul”. In fact, pastels in general, are big news. Other popular trends include.

  • Metallic finishes such as chrome , steel and aluminium
  • Jewel tones as an antidote to very neutral palettes. Colour in general
  • Romantics. Maximalist florals are on trend and botanical inspiration in general.
  • Mixing historical areas. I’ve mentioned above the idea of mixing elements from different periods.

Be wary of embracing trends too much. Trends come and go so it’s best to incorporate them in small ways that can be changed easily and cost effectively.


Mood Board for pastel interior
Image of a floral decorated tea pot with cup and saucer and next to it is a plate with a piece of cake on it

Extra Touches

A refresh is always an opportunity to reassess what things you can do to elevate the experience of your guests. Can you improve the quality of  things that you provide. Are there any extra elements that you could add such as a coffee machine if you don’t already have one. How could you upgrade the welcome pack that you offer. Rather than providing one that is generic, put one together yourself using locally sourced products. This feels more considered and personal. Go the extra mile!

Can I Help You?

You may fully intend and be quite happy to carry out the refresh yourself which is great. However, perhaps it’s not something you plan to do yourself. You might not live locally to your property, you might not have the time to organise and carry out everything you need to, you might not be interested in the design aspects or you are but you are also aware that this isn’t your strong point. I can even arrange for a professional to take some stunning images of your refreshed interior. If you would like some help whether it’s simply some advice or someone who will come in and do it all for you then let’s have a chat.


Judith Todd, Home stager and Interior Designer working at her desk


To summarise, when undertaking a spring refresh of your holiday let take the time to think about your objectives, do your research and decide how you are going to carry out the changes. When considering your refresh take into account the location and style of your property and plan a cohesive scheme for the whole of the property. Good ideas to look at when undertaking a refresh are your outdoor space, your furniture and interior trends. Finally look at those finishing touches that you provide for your guests, can they be improved?

If you would like to learn more then call me on 07745 876182 to arrange a free no-obligation chat. I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales