I recently posted about 12th Night – the day when traditionally we take down the Christmas decorations. I took mine down on New Year’s Day and asked when others took theirs down.

Some had taken their decorations down on the 27th December, others had taken theirs down over New Year and some were waiting for 12th Night. What I found interesting was that a number of comments were along the lines of “I’m keeping them up because I want to cheer myself up”. People wanted to maintain the sense of brightness that decorations give. So I thought in this blog I would share some suggestions for how you might continue that boost without keeping up your Christmas decorations.


Image of heart shaped silver filigree fairy lights.

Probably the most mentioned element was the lights. One of the key factors in our Christmas decorations is lighting whether tree lights, lights draped along mantelpieces or bannisters or candles. During the darker months of Winter when days are shorter and bad weather can cast a dismal cloud over everything, lighting is crucial to our mood. We only have to look to Scandinavia for a lead on this. Review your lighting, perhaps add some table lamps, change your lampshades for a style that will allow more light to escape and start by wiping light fittings, check the output of your bulbs and clean them. I don’t think you need to pack away those twinkly strings of lights, drape them wherever you fancy or display them in a glass vase. Continue with the candles too.


Image of a door wreath with twigs and vegetables such as small carrots and onions

Another important theme that emerged was greenery. At Christmas we not only have the tree but we may also have garlands and wreaths. The importance of nature to our wellbeing is well known. We might have ditched the tree, the garlands and door wreath but there is no reason why we can’t substitute them with something less Christmassy. Decorative wreaths have started to become popular at other times of year such as Easter and Autumn/ Halloween. A wreath based on foliage and decorated with a few spring flowers (these are starting to appear in the shops) would be perfect. For a fun take on this try a vegetable themed wreath like this one I found at Gisela Graham. With a base that is wicker or covered in foliage you can add whatever you fancy. Invest in some new house plants and bowls of spring bulbs. Hyacinths not only look pretty but have an amazing perfume.

Decorative Baubles

Image of three golden balls of different sizes with scale effect

OK so we have put away the baubles but that doesn’t mean we have to dispense with sparkle. Fill a bowl with glass or metallic balls that will reflect light or use a metallic vase or ornament. As an alternative, coloured glass looks so vibrant when placed next to candles or lamps.

Let’s Snuggle Up

Image of a snuggler chair style chaise with buttoned back in a natural coloured fabric. It is positioned by a window with a side table next to it. The floor is wooden floorboards with a natural textured rug. There is a gallery of five pictures on the wall behind the chair.

There is nothing more comforting than creating a cosy environment. You could apply this to a whole room or alternatively create a snug retreat. It might be something as simple as a comfy chair in a corner of a living room or bedroom. What do you need to create this vibe? Start with your seating. I admit I am convert to snuggler chairs (also known as love seats) but one better than the snuggler chair is the snuggler chaise. This gives even more room to curl up with that book, film and glass of wine or mug of tea or coffee. Add textured cushions and a throw to make it really cosy.


Image of a mirror over  a mantelpiece reflecting light back in to the room. The mirror is a classic silver framed over mantle mirror over a white fire surround and a silver damask type wallpaper behind

I’ve mentioned the idea of sparkly lights but an additional tip is to use mirrors. Positioned correctly a mirror can bounce light coming in from a window around a room or be used to illuminate a dark corner. Similarly, they will reflect light from your lighting. To make the most of light coming in from a window, place the mirror alongside the window and angle it to reflect the light into the room. If you want to make more of a garden view position the mirror opposite the window.

I hope this blog has give you some ideas as to how you can maintain that sense of festivity that we get at Christmas. Have an interiors dilemma or perhaps you want to sell your home. Call me on 07745 876182 or e mail me at judith@homestyle4u.com. I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West