Well Christmas and New Year are behind us and perhaps moving house is among your plans for 2017. If so you might be wondering whether now is a good time to put your house on the market or should you wait until the Spring? I say go for it and here’s why.

1. The whole process of moving has changed. Whereas previously it might have been the case that there were certain times of year when the market was quiet, these days that is less the case. In part this is because people are more mobile in terms of changing jobs and more willing to re-locate for work. House hunting has been made much easier thanks to the internet so it is easier for people to do their research. Generally society is faster paced.

2. If it is the case that there are fewer properties launching at this time of the year, then that is a great opportunity to steal a march on your neighbours because lower supply increases your chances of selling.

3. It is certainly true that the weather can be less conducive to out viewing but this can mean that those who are out viewing are serious about buying.

All this means that now is great time to sell. Make the most of the opportunity by making sure that your property is presented to its best. Our home staging service gives you the tools to do just this. Click on the link to read more.

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