Hurray Spring is here – the sun is shining the plants are blooming and the temperature is rising. This is definitely a time of year when we want to be outdoors no matter the size of our space. Spring is probably my favourite time of year – everything is s fresh and the colours so cheerful. There is no doubt that there is growing trend for outdoor living and indeed making the outdoors an extension of your indoor space. In this blog I want to share some tips for how you can make the most of your outdoor space.


Image of a drop down table mounted on an outside wall with folding chairs

If possible, you want somewhere you can eat at. If you access the outdoor area from a kitchen or dining area, choose flooring that echoes that of the interior to create that seamless transition from indoors to out. If you have a large enough space then a dining set in the style that reflects the interior of your home will create that “extra room” idea. So if your interior is modern then go for garden furniture that is also modern, if it’s rustic choose timber. A bistro set suits a small space such as a patio or balcony. If space is very limited a table that is mounted on the wall and folds down saves space. A competent DIYer could even make one.

One important aspect of choosing your dining furniture is comfort. Imagine a convivial meal for friends and family where you are gathered round the table enjoying the chat, the food and the wine – are your guests going to be comfortable sat there for several hours? You may have room for a separate relaxed seating area to which you can move after the meal, in which case you have more options.

Perhaps consider some separate comfy seating just for yourself, a hanging chair, lounger or even just a deck chair where you can enjoy that coffee or glass of wine.


Image of a square firepit on a decked area with chairs surrounding it

Making the most of your outdoor space involves making it useable in the evenings. This means having some sort of heat source. It could be a patio heater which can even be wall mounted, or make more of a focal point with a firepit that you and your guests can gather round. Firepits can be a permanent structure more like an outdoor fireplace or a mobile version that sits on your patio and can be stored away in Winter.


Image of two wire mesh outdoor lanterns with handles positioned on a table.

if you are going to make the most of your outdoor space you need to have some form of lighting depending on the amount of light that can be borrowed from the interior. This could take the form of exterior lights overlooking a patio. It can include solar lights which are added to flowerbed or simple hurricane lamps and lanterns positioned on a patio or terrace. It’s also nice to add decorative touches such as fairy lights, battery operated LED lanterns hung in trees or candles placed on a table. You should always seek advice from a qualified electrician if you are having exterior lighting installed.


Image of an outdoor seating area with L shaped settee. The settee is dressed with cushions and throws

You want to add comfort to your outdoor space in the form of lots of cushions and throws. If the area gets a lot of sun then you may need to provide shade in the form of an awning or parasol. If you are wanting to make your outdoor space an extension of your interior then choose the same colour palette for your outdoor accessories as that of your indoor space. Think in terms of all those things that you use to make your interior space feel homely and inviting and incorporate them into your outdoor space. Don’t forget to dress your table with a pretty tablecloth, napkins and table and glassware where you can either opt for crockery from your dining room or for a young family choose a more informal style. Recreate that picnic vibe with bright colours and crockery and glassware that won’t break. 


Image of a balcony with wrought iron garden bench small table and chairs. There is a slatted awning overhead and lots of greenery

Finally make sure that your outdoor space has greenery. Whilst this may be more relevant to an outdoor space that is a patio,  terrace or balcony rather than a garden it’s still worth bearing in mind. So have planters and tubs positioned on the patio or terrace and include vases of flowers or pots of herbs on the table

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