Picture of two chickens


I was recently doing a viewing at a property and as it was one I hadn’t visited before I arrived a little early in order that I could walk round and familiarise myself with the property. I walked round inside then went out into the garden which comprised a patio and lawned area. There were a couple of chickens pecking around and all was well. It was only when I came to go back inside that I noticed that there was a rather a large mess on the patio so I decided I had better clean it up which I did, only to realise that the whole patio needed hosing down!

What this illustrates is that, when we live in property we become accustomed to it, we have our own lifestyle and get used our home’s little quirks and foibles. How many of us have a task that we have been putting off – fixing that cupboard door that doesn’t quite close, replacing a cracked tile etc? We carry on without doing anything about it until we are forced to, perhaps when the cupboard door actually falls off. Yet when we go house hunting these type of defects, even if only minor, seem to leap out at us and get added to a mental list of what would need doing which might ultimately lead us to decide not to proceed with the property even if it otherwise fits the bill.

So bear in mind that when potential buyers come to view your property they will seeing your property with fresh eyes and aspects that you may be completely unaware of could influence their decision. This could be scuffed paint work, wonky doors, grubby carpets, pet smells or paraphernalia… Also consider that if buyers see lots of little problems they may worry that there are bigger problems lurking and be deterred.

As experienced home stagers we offer that objective advice that means any potential issues are identified and can be addressed before those buyers arrive. Contact us now by e mail at info@homestyle4u.com call us on 07745 876182 complete the enquiry form below to arrange an initial no-obligation consultation. We operate across Cheshire and the North West. 

Finally, back to the chickens. What did I do when the viewers arrived? Warned them to be careful where they were walking!

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