One of the dilemmas when you are moving for a change of lifestyle, particularly if you are moving to a new area, is do you find first or sell first? If you find the right property but haven’t sold then you risk losing the dream property but if you sell first you may have the upheaval of going in to rented accommodation. Whatever you decide it is always important to be ready to proceed, this means have all the relevant professionals lined up. i.e. mortgage broker, surveyor and solicitor. Your estate agent may be able to recommend someone but I think it always pays to do your research.

Mortgage Broker

If you are getting a mortgage then getting the right one for you is one of the most important decisions that you will make. The right product can save you a lot of money. It depends on your circumstances and your aims not just short term but long term. An independent broker who has access to whole of market will be able to find the widest possible choice of options and they should listen closely to what your aims and objectives. Obtaining a mortgage in principle before you start house hunting means that you won’t risk being disappointed if you find your dream house only to discover that you can’t get the mortgage you need. It also reassures the estate agent selling the property and the seller that you are in a position to proceed.


Your solicitor is key. If you are part of a chain then there is a risk that the chain could break and your sale or purchase could fall through which is extremely distressing. You want to know that your solicitor is familiar with the local area so they know which searches and enquiries are required. You want a solicitor who will respond promptly and will work at the pace required for the transaction. If there is a deadline then check that your solicitor is able to meet it. Get quotes from two or three local solicitors, bear in mind that cheapest is not always best, at the end of the day you will spending a large sum of money on your property and you don’t what to cut corners. It is worth asking your agent who they have found is good at getting transactions through. Ask friends for recommendations. Communication is crucial, you want your solicitor to keep you updated and for them to communicate with the solicitor on the other side and the estate agent.


Unless your property is a new build covered by a builders guarantee, it is likely that you will need a surveyor. There are different levels of survey from a valuation, home buyers report or full structural survey. What is appropriate will depend on the age and type of property so get advice. An adverse survey is one of the major reasons why property sales fall through so it should be done at the earliest opportunity.

Having chosen your solicitor and surveyor and obtained your mortgage in principle you will be ready to pounce when you find your next property and any offer is likely to be taken more seriously.

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