I am a big fan of the series Escape to the Country. You get to see some lovely parts of the country and see a variety of properties which is of course fascinating. However, I also enjoy hearing the participants’ stories – why they want to move and why they have chosen their destination. There are mixture of reasons for moving and of course the underlying theme is people wanting to move from busy towns and cities to a more rural location. Often it is young people with families who feel that a more rural environment will be better for their children, they may even have enjoyed that kind of childhood themselves and want to give their children the same experiences. Or it might be an older person who, freed from the ties of employment, wants a more relaxing lifestyle. Whatever the reason, the participants are moving for a change of lifestyle. Sometimes, those taking part in the show find their dream home but it emerges they lose out because they haven’t sold. So if you are moving for a change of life and need a quick sale what can you do that will increase the appeal of your property? One area to focus on is the garden.


Image of a fence half paintedConsider if there are any maintenance tasks that have been neglected. It’s easy to overlook a hedge that hasn’t been pruned, a fence that has rotted or not been painted for several years, or patio that needs cleaning. Fence panels are simple to replace and using a spray is a quick and easy way to paint if you don’t want to use a brush. Use a power washer to spruce up a patio the difference can be amazing. These can be hired if you don’t have one or can’t borrow one. If hedges have got a bit too high they may be affecting the amount of light that is enjoyed by your garden, something that could impact on how buyers feel about the outside space. If necessary engage a professional to do this.


Tidy Up

The outside space is often hugely important when buyers are choosing a property so this is certainly an area that is worth expending time and effort on. If you have a young family it’s highly likely that you will have children’s toys in the garden such as a swing, slide or perhaps even a trampoline. It may be an inconvenience but it is worth putting these things away, or at least some of them, in order to enable buyers to appreciate the space especially if your potential buyer may not have children. Do the weeding, cut the grass (and don’t forget to edge the lawn), get rid of pots where the plants have died and if you do have a large number of planters and pots scattered about consider grouping them together. Once you have carried out the initial tidy it should be easier to keep on top of things for when you have viewings.

Image of a flower bed with weeds and fork and gardening gloves

Sociable Space

Image of a bistro garden set on patio with wine glasses and bottle of wineAnother important ingredient to an attractive garden is a social area. This will obviously depend on the amount of outside space you have whether it is a little balcony or courtyard or a large garden with patio or deck. A simple bistro table and chairs for a small space or in a larger space a sofa, chairs and coffee table or even a dining set. The aim is have somewhere where buyers can imagine themselves and their friends enjoying a glass of wine or cup of coffee.




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