This weekend was a fantastic array of sport – The Grand National, The Boat Race (both men and women) and The Masters just for starters. This got us thinking, is there anything that we can learn from these events? We think there is. With any great sporting achievement there is a common thread – preparation, the performance and the analysis.


We all know that when a sportsman turns up to an event, he doesn’t just turn up. He or she will have spent many hours practising, working on their fitness, they will probably have worked with a psychologist on the mental aspects and a nutritionist to ensure that they are eating the right foods. Most top sports people seem to travel with an entire entourage these days. They put in a lot of time and physical effort.

Selling your house is just like that, or should be! You shouldn’t expect to just open the front door and show people round. You should prepare and this should happen BEFORE your house goes on the market. It is likely to involve some time and effort and the expenditure of money. Your property needs to look it’s best – to be clean and tidy, no unfinished DIY, welcoming and appealing. Read our previous blogs for guidance.

The Performance

Blog_130415_1The actual performance may vary in length, think of a 100 metre sprint or a marathon, but whatever the length, the sports person is focused and giving it their all. They might have a little routine that they go through that helps them focus.

When selling your house, the performance is the viewing, showing potential buyers round your property. You might show them round in a particular order, starting and finishing with the best room. You want viewers to have that great first impression and to be reminded of it when they leave. It’s all about the experience, did it make the viewers feel positive and ready to make an offer?  You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your property.

The Analysis

After the event the sportsman or woman undertakes an analysis of the performance, perhaps assisted by a coach and with the aid of video footage.  They will identify what went well and what didn’t i.e strengths and weaknesses.

Similarly, with a viewing you want feedback. This can come either directly from the viewer at the time if you conducted the viewing, or from your agent if they showed the viewer round. Always ask for honest feedback and make sure that your estate agent knows that they can ask for it. People are generally polite and some don’t like to be negative particularly when it’s an aspect that is perceived to be personal such as decor. Feedback should tell you what elements of your property are working and what aren’t so that you can consider changing them.

So, all things considered, there is a lot we can learn from the sports stars. If you would like help with preparing your home for sale, contact us via email at  call us on 07745 876182 or complete the enquiry form on our contact us   page. We cover Cheshire and the North West.