Image of CD cover for Sir Terry Wogan's BBC Radio 2's Janet & JohnI used to be a regular listener to Wake Up to Wogan, Sir Terry Wogan’s breakfast show on BBC Radio 2, in fact I think I qualify as a TOG (Terry’s Old Geezers). I used to listen to the programme as I drove to work and the highlight was the slot known as Janet and John (AKA John “Boggy” Marsh). We aren’t talking about the children’s stories here but “little stories of the doings of Janet and John. Now Janet – strong, purposeful woman of the world and John – an innocent abroad, wandering through life with a vacant expression and a beard full of yesterday’s lunch” – rather naughty but hilarious.

Now what has this got to do with selling your house I hear you ask? Well it’s all about anticipation. The thing about Janet and John was that the story would build up slowly, often you could see where the story was leading and would start laughing before Sir Terry and his team had got to the punchline and frequently the team struggled to contain their own laughter. When you are selling you want to create that sense of anticipation for potential buyers.

This should start as soon as viewers drive up. It should be easy to locate your property so make sure that your house number or name is clearly visible from the road and have your agent’s For Sale board (essential in my opinion) outside. Your property should have kerb appeal i.e it should look attractive from the outside. The property should be well maintained, make sure woodwork and windows are in good condition and preferably freshly painted. Invest in some new door furniture, mow the lawn, weed the flower beds or if you don’t have a front garden position some colourful hanging baskets or pots outside the front doors.

When viewers walk through the front door the hallway/ entrance should feel welcoming and have a wow factor as it is the first internal space they will encounter and it sets the scene. The hall should be clutter free so move all the coats, shoes and other debris that can accumulate there. Halls and stairways get a lot of wear and tear so consider whether yours would benefit from some new flooring and redecorating. Create a focal point if you can with a console table dressed with a couple of lamps and a plant or flowers. People make instant decisions about a property and whether it “feels” right and may have made that decision before they have left the hall.

You want the sense of anticipation to continue so consider carefully the order in which you or your agent show the rooms and if you have a room with the wow factor such as a stunning kitchen diner or lounge have the door shut so that viewers get the full impact when you open it. Always finish in what you consider to be the best room perhaps a living room or kitchen or even the garden so that your buyers leave with a positive impression.

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And finally, do check out some of the Janet and John stories on You Tube and treat yourself to a chuckle.