When you are looking to move to a larger property every penny counts, so you want to maximise the selling price that you achieve for your current property. That can make all the difference between being able to afford that dream property (along with the right mortgage).

We all know that kitchens are one of the most important rooms when it comes to buying a property so it definitely make sense to make the most of the kitchen. The dilemma is that your buyer may not like your style of kitchen so you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new kitchen if the buyer is quite likely going to rip it out. The ideal is to have a kitchen that people will like but if they don’t like it they still feel they can live with it for a while and that it isn’t something they will have to change immediately.

So here are a few ideas for cost effective ways to bring your kitchen up to date.

Kitchen Units

You can change the look of a kitchen without installing a new one. Do the units look dated? If so you can still refresh your kitchen. If the units themselves are in a good condition then simply painting them can make a huge difference. If you don’t feel confident about painting them yourself it is worth getting them done professionally and they can be sprayed. If the cupboard doors are in poor condition consider replacing them. It may be possible to replace only some of them not all because units can be of differing styles e.g. floor cupboards can differ from wall cupboards. If the kitchen is small substituting shelves for wall units will make the kitchen feel spacious so this could be an option if you need to replace damaged cabinets. Replacing door knobs and handles gives an instant update.

Worktops and Taps

Another way of updating a tired kitchen is by replacing worktops. These obviously get a lot of wear and may be scratched or damaged in some other way or even simply look a bit tatty. Investing in a new worktop doesn’t involve huge expense but instantly looks smart and of course clean. Choose a style that suits your cabinetry and is neutral such as wood or wood effect. Opting for a material that is a bit more expensive can elevate the whole kitchen. This also applies to taps. A new tap in a modern style is a good way to refresh a kitchen and again spending a little more can be a good investment. I am a big fan of spending a little more on quality accessories to give the impression of a good finish.


When it comes to kitchens aim to keep kitchen worksurfaces as uncluttered as possible so that buyers feel that there is enough preparation space for when they are cooking. However, using a few accessories such as storage canisters, kettle or mugs is how you introduce a bit of colour and lifestyle content. I have used a few cook books on a shelf or even some jars of spices. A pot of fresh herbs on a window sill introduces greenery.

In summary, consider refurbishing cupboard doors, replace worktops and/ or taps and pull the look together with some simple accessories. Not sure what to do or lack the time? Call me on 07745 876182 or e mail judith@homestyle4u.com. I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West.