If you are someone who regularly goes on property portals and indulges in a spot of fantasy property shopping then you are looking at properties that you would like to live in but can’t afford. You are looking for a property that you aspire to own. Imagine that your buyers are doing the same. Try to picture if you had never been in your home before, walk round as if it was the first time. Is it appealing, is it a home that you would aspire to live in?

What Is Aspiration?

The Collins English Dictionary defines Aspiration as:-

1. strong desire to achieve something, such as success

2. the aim of such desire

So what do I mean by aspiration in the context of marketing your home for sale? I came across a good example the other day when watching an episode of George Clarke’s Old House New Home. The couple were renovating a beautiful Georgian property with stunning period features. The owner described picturing himself sitting in a leather chair by the fire drinking a glass of whisky. That was an aspiration. It suggests a lifestyle. The aim is to persuade the viewer that they want to live in your home, to inspire the reaction “I want to buy it”.

Why Is It Important?

It may sound obvious, but the aim when you sell your home is that you want viewers to come in to your home and want to buy it. Buyers have a choice, depending on the state of the market and the type of property they are looking for, there could be a varying number of properties that potentially could fulfil their criteria. You want them to choose your property over the competition.

This means that your home needs to stand out, you want to generate that “buy me” feeling. You know, that feeling you get when you walk in to a shop and you see something that you “have to have” – it might be the latest iPhone or a pair of shoes for example.

Not everyone finds it easy to picture how a room or a home can be with their belongings in it. You need to create a sense of how the buyer’s life will be if they buy the property.

How To Create It

The first thing to do is identify your target market. This is something I have referred to in previous blogs but it’s something that you have to have at the forefront of your mind when selling as you do in business. So ask yourself what would the buyers who represent your target market aspire to in their home? Was there anything about your property when you bought it that represented an aspiration. Can you provide it? I understand that it may not be possible or cost effective to make major changes but more modest alterations e.g. creating an en suite may add value. I have in mind more subtle touches that act on a more subliminal level. Quality taps or handles, luxurious towels in a bathroom, branded toiletries, luxury scented candles.

Aspiration is something you desire, it is important when selling your home because you want buyers to choose your property over the competition and you should create the sense of aspiration appropriate to your buyers. Want help to create that aspirational home then call me on 07745 876182 or e mail me at judith@homestyle4u.com I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the NorthWest