Image of very minimally furnished interior

According to a recent study undertaken by researchers from York St John University and the University of Bath, employees who strive for perfection in the workplace are being driven to extreme stress and burnout. No direct relevance to selling a house then, but it did get me thinking about perfectionism when you are trying to sell.

It isn’t a problem I’ve often come across when viewing properties, it’s more likely to be the opposite – untidiness, dirtiness, unfinished DIY etc. However, for all I’m an advocate of decluttering and neutral décor it is possible to go too much the other way and create an environment that is sterile and bland and therefore totally forgettable. After all potential buyers are likely to be seeing several properties, often on the same day, and you need them to remember your property (for all the right reasons).

So yes it’s important to de-clutter in order that buyers can see the space you have, but not to the extent that the room seems bare. You need to achieve a balance between a space that is tidy and easy to move around and one that still feels homely. If you are a fan of minimalism and like to have just one or two pieces of statement furniture and bare floorboards then consider adding a rug, side tables and cushions and throws.

Your basic décor should be neutral i.e walls and flooring but add colour with a feature wall, rugs and accessories. At a recent project all the walls were white and it was amazing what a difference painting or wallpapering a couple of walls made (see the photos in our gallery).

You want to create a home that buyers can imagine themselves living in, not a showhome.

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