As you might expect, I enjoy watching all the property programmes such as Escape to the Country, A Place in the Sun and Location, Location, Location. One thing I have noticed from these programmes is that many of the older participants are looking to purchase larger homes when you might imagine that they would be looking to downsize. Why is this?

Such buyers appear to fall in to two categories. The first is those looking for a property that can accommodate visiting family members. The second is those wanting extra rooms for themselves. I have been thinking a lot about this and what it means.

In the case of the first group I think it’s a lot to do with modern life. Previously, families used to live close to each other geographically, in the same village or town, perhaps even in the same street. They were in and out of each other’s houses all the time. As they lived close by they didn’t need to be able to accommodate them overnight. In current times, children and siblings can be scattered far and wide up and down the country even abroad, whether for work or lifestyle considerations. We all travel more so we are familiar with other locations in the UK and overseas. This geographic distance means that parents need to able to put people up whether it’s for family gatherings at Christmas or having the grandchildren to stay while mum and dad snatch some time away for themselves.

FAmily gathering

For the second group, it’s driven by people retiring earlier, semi retiring or simply reassessing the work/ life balance. Buyers have more time for themselves and they want to pursue their interests. Therefore, they need rooms for crafts, hobbies, music or maybe a workshop. Retirement or semi retirement means people are likely to spending more time together and this may mean they want separate space for themselves.

craft room

Finding this extra space can be difficult, especially if you are moving to a more expensive location. It may be necessary that some rooms will have to serve more than one function – hobby room most of the time but extra bedroom when family or friends come to stay. Alternatively, it may require additional furniture. If you are upsizing and need some help then please call 07745 876182 or e mail info@homestyle4u.com. I cover Cheshire and the North West.