I was lucky enough to attend the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park this week. As I waited for my friends to arrive I indulged in a spot of people watching and was fascinated by the variety of attire. Some people had come prepared and were wearing waterproof jackets and stout shoes whereas a few ladies (it was officially Ladies Day) were wearing beautiful dresses, hats and heels). This contrast got me thinking..

When selling you want your property to appeal to your likely target market so you need to identify this, with the help of your estate agent if necessary. Some properties will clearly attract a certain class of buyer e.g. young professional couple, family, retirees but others could be of interest to more than one category. Bear in mind that with a little bit of thought a property that at first glance you might think would only appeal to one type of buyer could suit more – bungalows are a classic example, traditionally they have been associated with older buyers but as they often have good sized rooms they can also be a good choice for families .

Having identified your target market or markets, consider what features are most likely to appeal to them.

  • What style of decor do they like?
  • What functions do they need the space to provide – bedrooms, a family room, office space and prepare accordingly
  • What sort of layout will they be looking for?

Remember a lot of people struggle to visualise, so having your property set out to show potential buyers that it can work for them may make all the difference between them dismissing it or making an offer. Of course it is impossible to please all the people all of the time but ensuring that your property is presented to appeal to your target market will maximise your chances of securing a buyer.

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