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Are you thinking of selling and want to sell quickly or already on the market and not sold? So you are motivated and want to know what you need to do to get that sale?

If you have ever sold property you are probably familiar with the word “feel” or “feeling” either in a positive way or perhaps more commonly as a reason for someone not putting in an offer. So what does this mean?

Obviously, people buy property for different reasons but here we are talking about the typical buyer who is simply looking for a property to live in themselves. For someone to want to buy a property they need to be able to picture themselves living in it with their furniture and living the life they want to lead. For example, they may be a family so they want open plan living where they can all be together, they may want to entertain so they want a big kitchen/ diner or they may want to spend time gardening.

It is commonly thought that it doesn’t really matter what your property looks like because it will be empty when they move in and everyone wants to put their own stamp on a property so it isn’t worth decorating. Whilst that may true for some people it isn’t true for a lot of buyers. Potential purchasers need help to be able to see themselves living in a property. What does this mean for you the seller? Here are a few tips.

  • Clear away clutter – not only will the space feel bigger, buyers will find it easier to picture their furniture in that space.
  • Undertake any necessary repairs – most people don’t want to do work and if they see things that need doing, even minor repairs, they will worry that there may be more serious problems because the impression they have is that the property hasn’t been looked after.
  • Avoid decor that is too individualistic – viewers are likely to struggle to see past what is there. The aim is a property that has personality but is not too personal.
  • Give each room a clearly defined purpose – buyers can be confused if a room appears to have a multitude of functions. In an open plan space, ensure that the space is clearly “zoned” to show the different areas. This includes not leaving rooms empty. The classic example is a bedroom that is used for storage. It may be clear that you can fit a bed in it but still put a bed in it so that buyers understand that it is a bedroom and it also give a sense of what space there is for other items of furniture.
  • Think about those lifestyle aspects referred to above and highlight them. So, for instance, if you are showcasing the family space have a living area, dining area, play area etc and dress the property appropriately.

What you are aiming for is for viewers to walk in to your property and immediately be able to picture themselves at home there.

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