What is your motive for downsizing? Is it that you’ve had enough of looking after your home and are tired of all the housework and gardening you have to do? Is the idea to have more time to do the things you really enjoy? Focusing on your reasons for moving can be a great motivator for making changes to present your home for sale. One of the most challenging rooms to consider when selling is the conservatory and it is often a neglected and underused space. It can also be a fantastic asset so in this blog I want to suggest some ideas for making the most of it.


One of the problems that we experience with a conservatory is that it isn’t always clear what it is actually intended to be used for. If you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that I frequently refer to the importance of giving each room a purpose (or defining different areas of a larger room). This enables buyers to understand how the room can be used. A conservatory can be used for varying functions – a living area, dining area, playroom or even a work space. When selling take time to consider if how you currently use it is the most appropriate for your target market and be prepared to make changes. The answer to this will depend partly on the rest of your property and what it offers. Is there something that is lacking? It is worth doing your research, speak with your agent and look at other similar properties on the market in your area in the same price bracket as yours.


Having identified the most appropriate purpose for your conservatory next think about whether it is usable for that purpose. One of the common problems with conservatories is climate control – they can be either too hot or too cold. Whatever you are using the conservatory for you want to be able to use it all year round so generally that can mean blinds for the summer and heating for the winter. If you don’t already have these features then I appreciate that there is a cost involved in installing them which has to be balanced against the value of the property and the likely impact of the changes on the saleability of the property.


Once you have decided what function of the conservatory and made any changes to ensure that it can be used for that purpose on a daily basis then it is time to present it appropriately. If you haven’t changed the function from what it is used for presently then this shouldn’t be too difficult. Start by removing any extraneous items of furniture that don’t fit the function e.g. a freezer, exercise equipment. If the conservatory is meant to be an additional living area, somewhere to relax and enjoy the garden perhaps, then you want comfortable seating, side tables etc. For a dining area then a table and chairs and perhaps a sideboard or console table. Greenery is an important element of a conservatory in my opinion and is a great opportunity to display some more exotic plants.

In summary, identify what the conservatory is to be used for, make sure it is practical and present it appropriately. Would you like me to come and sort out your conservatory? Call me on 07745 876182 or e mail me on judith@homestyle4u.com. I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West. Don’t Move Home Without Me!