Untidy side return of a house with lots of mess

When selling your home there’s a lot to think about – choosing an estate agent, instructing a solicitor, arranging a mortgage – to name just a few. At times it can all seem a bit overwhelming and we may simply overlook the property itself. Getting the property ready can itself seem a massive task.

When I bought my current property I probably wasn’t even aware of the side return between the property and the neighbour, because it was on the far side of the property and not somewhere that I would really need to go to it wasn’t on the radar. When it came to tackling it it felt like a mammoth task. There was a dilapidated shed that was almost falling down that was full of old plastic flower pots, boxes of old rusty nuts and bolts etc, bricks, bits of wood. So what have I done about it?

Well I’ve been tackling it bit by bit. I cleared the shed, started to remove the debris, I had the shed dismantled and most recently I started to break it up (very satisfying!) and took those remains to the tip. I spent perhaps a couple of hours no longer but it was enough to feel that I had made progress. As you can see there’s still a way to go but now I can see the finishing line and can picture how it can become a tidy and useful space.

This approach of doing a little bit at a time works when you are preparing for sale although you probably want to aim to complete the task more quickly than it’s taking me to clear my side return. Decide how much time you have overall, Phil Spencer on Secret Agent and Amanda Lamb on Selling House allow sellers a week or sometimes two weeks which in some cases does seem too little but it does depend on what needs doing. Timetable each task and my top tip here is allow longer than you initially think. We often underestimate how long any particular task is going to take and it can be disheartening if you don’t finish. Bear in mind that if you are doing things after work you are likely to be tired so will take longer and with activities such as decorating the results might not be so good as a result. Plan things sensibly so that you are not in danger of spoiling what you have already achieved e.g. decorate before laying or cleaning carpets.

Involve all members of the family. Children can feel left out when it comes to moving, encouraging them to prepare their own rooms, for example, packing up surplus toys, choosing new bed linen that they can take to their new home, helps them feel involved in the process.

Remember to reward yourself at the conclusion of each task and tick it off your list. That way you feel you are making progress and can see what you have achieved.

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